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fairy home picnic

The sun is shining and the days are warmer, so how about we enjoy a Fairy Home Picnic outside your fairy door?

And it’s easy to create, especially with our FREE Picnic Template to print.

So, here’s how to create a fun, family, Fairy Home Picnic Setting

  1. Print our FREE Fairy Home Picnic Basket and Picnic Rug

    Click the link or the image below to access our free PDF. Print onto white A4 sheets of paper
    Fairy Home Picnic Template
    Faith Home Picnic
    Fairy Home Picnic

  2. Fold and Glue the Fairy Picnic Basket
    Fold the picnic basket on the lines to form a basket shape
    Glue the tabs inside where indicated

    Fairy Home Picnic
  3. Fold and Attach the Handle
    Fold the handle on the lines
    Glue the ends on the inside of the basket – as shown in the photo
    Fairy Home Picnic
  4. Fill your Picnic Basket with tiny goodies
    We have filled our Fairy Picnic Basket with a tiny packet of biscuits (free printable available in our Fairy Home Shopping Blog)
    fairy home picnic
  5. Decorate the Fairy Picnic Rug
    We have used one of our Fairy Grass Mats as a base and then placed our Picnic Rug on top.

    Then we have also used the below accessories which are available on our site:
    Little Fairies
    Pink Daisy Pots
    Fairy Tea Set
    Fairy Donuts
    Fairy Lorikeet
    Fairy Blue Bird
    Tim Tams
fairy home picnic

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