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fairy home baking

With all this time at home, the fairies are enjoying time in the kitchen with plenty of Fairy Home Baking. And we have designed some special FREE baking templates to add the magic baking touch to your fairy door scene.

Fairies love baking and they are great cooks! They can make a mess though but it’s worth it because plenty of yummy fairy biscuits, cakes and pies are the result.

And our FREE printable templates even include a Fairy Stove with an opening oven door !!!

How to Create a Fairy Home Baking Scene Outside your Fairy Door?

  1. Download & print our FREE Fairy Home Baking Template

We have a gorgeous FREE 3D pop-up Fairy Stove and Fairy Bench to print and blu-tac to the wall next to your fairy door.

Perfect for your fairies to do some baking on!

We also have a little cookbook so they have the recipe ideas to follow plus a rolling pin, spoon and oven mit.

Click the link or on the images to access our free Fairy Home Baking template

fairy home baking

Print onto 2 sheets of A4 thick white paper or thin card


2. Cut each piece out

fairy home baking


3. To make the opening oven door…

Take the oven door piece and fold on the side white dotted line.

Place a thin line of glue along this little edge

And stick on the left side of your Fairy Stove.

fairy home baking fairy home baking


4. Fold the Stove and Bench pieces on the White Dotted Lines

Following our image below, fold the bottom dotted white line backwards on both the Fairy Stove and the Fairy Bench

Then on the top white dotted line, fold this forward.

This allows you to attach the Fairy Stove and Fairy Bench to the wall

fairy home baking


5. Put some cupcakes in the oven

Put a tiny piece of blu-tac on the back of each cupcake and attach inside the fairy oven.

fairy home baking


6. Attach to the Wall

Put a piece of blu-tac on the back of the top piece of the Fairy Stove and Fairy Bench

Press onto the wall next to your fairy door, ensuring they are level.

fairy home baking


7. Decorate with the Accessories

Place the pot on the stove, the rolling pin, spoon, cookbook and oven mit on the bench, ready for your fairies to use.

fairy home baking


In our Fairy Home Baking scene, we have also used one of our White Tables, Tea Set, Fairy Cakes and a Fairy – all sold separately.

fairy home baking

Big thank you and credit to our friends at Gathered Papercraft for the design.

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