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fairy home shopping

Even the fairies are doing a little fairy home shopping during this time of isolation. With our FREE template, you can make this shopping bag full of tiny groceries.

With lots of time at home at the moment, even the fairies are enjoying a spot of online shopping. And occasionally have their groceries delivered to their fairy door.

This week, we have designed a tiny shopping bag filled with fairy sized groceries that you can deliver to their fairy door.

And our Fairy Home Shopping bag with groceries is FREE to download and print as many times as you like!

How to create your own Fairy Home Shopping Scene?


  1. Print our Template

    Click the image below or the “Download” button at the bottom, to open our PDF download.

    fairy home shopping

    fairy home shopping

  2. Cut out each piece

    Cut around each piece, including both bag handles
    fairy home shopping

  3. To make the Shopping Bag, fold on the lines

    Following the instructions on the template, fold on the white dotted lines.

    fairy home shopping

  4. Glue together

    Glue the white end inside to close the bag
    Then glue the bottom pieces closed
    fairy home shopping

  5. Glue the handles on

    fairy home shopping

  6. Fold the Groceries

    Fold each little grocery piece on the dotted lines
    fairy home shopping

  7. Glue each grocery piece closed

    Glue the little end pieces closed to form small boxes
    fairy home shopping

We hope you’re enjoying our Fairy Home Scenes with our free printables!

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