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Fairy Games at Home

Decorate your fairy door with the cutest little Fairy Home Fun games and activities for your fairies to play with. Because with plenty of time at home at the moment, even the fairies are looking for fun things to do

We show you how to decorate a fairy door for a fun time at home with the fairies and we have designed a FREE template full of the cutest fairy sized games to download and print.

Our tiny fairy sized games include:

  • Monopoly board with monopoly money and cards
  • Snakes & Ladders Game
  • Dart Board
  • Playing Cards
  • Twister Mat

How to create a Fairy Home Fun setting?

  1. Print our Template

    Click the image below or the link at the bottom to open our FREE Fairy Home Fun PDF.

    Then print it onto white sheets of A4 paper or thin card. There are 3 separate pages included.Fairy Home Fun FREE Template
    Fairy Home Fun Prints

  2. Cut out each little piece

    This takes some time and patience but it’s worth it!
    Plus this is a great “fine motor skill activity” for your children.
    Fairy Home Fun Miniature Games Prints

  3. Fairy Monopoly Game

    Assemble your little Fairy Monopoly Set by placing the board on the floor.

    Line up the monopoly money along one edge and group the Property Cards in their colours along the other edge.

    Place the Chance Cards and Community Chest cards in the boxes in the middle of the board.

    Then invite your fairy friends to play!Fairy Home Fun miniature monopoly set

  4. Fairy Twister Game

    Watch your fairies enjoy the fun of playing their own tiny Twister game.Fairy Home Fun miniature Twister Game

  5. Fairy Snakes & Ladders Game

    Who remembers playing Snakes and Ladders?
    Here is a fairy sized games your fairies can enjoy playing. You could even use this too for some miniature fun!
    Fairy Home Fun miniature snakes and ladders game

  6. Fairy Cards

    Even the fairies can enjoy a game of Snap or Patience, with their own tiny playing cards.

    Challenge them to a game yourself using their mini deck of cards.
    Fairy Home Fun miniature playing cards

  7. Fairy Darts

    And what could be more fun than fairy darts?

    Blu tac this tiny dart board to the wall beside your fairy door and invite your fairies to a game of fairy darts.
    Fairy Home Fun miniature dart board

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