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Fairy Home Cleaning

With plenty of time at home at the moment, even the fairies are busy fairy home cleaning. We even have FREE prints to help create this fun scene.

Fairies are industrious little creatures who are never ones to waste time or be bored. And just like us, they enjoy tinkering with odd jobs and fix its to make their homes pretty.

Cleaning windows, mowing the lawn, sweeping up the leaves, weeding the fairy garden and general little repairs, will leave her fairy door sparkling.

So this week we have designed a fun Cleaning Fairy scene outside our fairy door complete with a gorgeous Cleaning Basket full of fairy sized cleaning products to download and print FREE!

How to create your own Fairy Home Cleaning Scene?

Some items we have used are:

  1. Download and Print our Fairy Home Cleaning Prints

    Click the images below or the download link at the bottom to open our FREE Cleaning Fairy Basket.

    This will open up a PDF.
    Save this to your computer
    There are 2 pages – the first page has the basket template and cleaning products. The second page is full of old miniature newspapers.

    Once print out, cut out each piece
    Fairy Home Cleaning

  2. Fold each piece on the dotted lines

    This will form a box shape
    Fairy Home Cleaning

  3. Then glue the little flaps (where indicated)

    fairy home cleaning

  4. Fold the newspapers

    Cut out each of the newspapers and fold them in half (where indicated)

    We then bundled them on top of each other to form a pile of old newspapers and tied them together with a piece of cotton.fairy home cleaning pile of miniature newspapers

  5. Cut some little rags

    For the little rags, we cut up:
    – a piece of chux wipes
    – a piece of yellow fabric / felt
    – a piece of yellow scourer (we then pulled the green scourer part off the top, which left a tiny remnant perfect for a fairy sponge)
    Fairy Home Cleaning

  6. Put everything in the basket

    Fairy Home Cleaning

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