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fairy painting easel

How to make the cutest Fairy Painting Easel complete with canvas, a tiny paint pallet and paint brush. We show you how using 4 small twigs!

And we even include a free printable template!

At this time with everyone staying home, we are looking for little hobbies and activities to do. Our fairy friends are also finding hobbies to enjoy.

And one things fairies love to do is paint. They especially love the colours of nature and designing pretty flowers and meadows.

So with the fairies spending more time indoors with us, we wanted to create the cutest fairy painting easel for them, and your children, to enjoy.

How to make a Fairy Painting Easel?

Items needed are:

  • 4 twigs
  • Craft Glue or Glue Gun
  • Free Printable Download (see below)
  • Scissors

  1. Get 4 Twigs

    Find 4 small twigs that are roughly the same size.
    fairy painting easel

  2. Make a Tripod shape

    Using 3 of the twigs, put them together into a tripod shape.

    Using the craft glue or glue gun, glue them together at the top (hold them until the glue starts to set)
    fairy painting easel

  3. The 4th twig is the canvas shelf

    Glue the fourth twig across the front to form the shelf that the little painting canvas will sit on.
    Let it dry.
    fairy painting easel

  4. Time for the Painting Canvas

    For a blank canvas to paint their own painting, cut a rectangle piece of paper. Then your children / fairy can draw their own picture.

    This is a great way to send pictures and messages to your fairy. Just have a bunch of rectangle pieces of paper at the ready and each time your child / fairy paints a picture, you can leave it outside their fairy door.

    fairy painting easel

  5. Print our Free Fairy Castle Canvas and Paint Pallet

    However, if you prefer, we have a beautiful printed Fairy Castle Painting to download and print – see below.

    fairy painting easel

  6. Free Fairy Castle Canvas template…

    Click the image to download our free PDF template
    Print onto a sheet of white A4 paper.
    Cut out
    fairy painting easel

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