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Secret Fairy Friend

Secret Fairy Friend

In a world of uncertainty, having a Secret Fairy Friend is a precious and comforting thing to a child.

Children loves secrets, friends and fairies; so having all 3 is irresistible.

Having a special friend that only your child knows, allows them to share secrets and enjoy magical moments that they create.

We can’t control what is happening in our world right now but we can help our children create their own magical place of make believe.

  • A place where anything is possible and only good things happen.
  • A place where everything is beautiful and everyone is kind.
  • A place where your child feels safe and loved without measure.
  • A place where they are the princess & hero
  • A place that is filled with sunshine and rainbows, every day. Animals can talk and mermaids swim in the ocean.
  • A place that introduces them to their very own secret fairy friend.

How to introduce your child to a Secret Fairy Friend?

…. Give a fairy their own magic portal by attaching a fairy door

Castle fairy door background pictures

You can attach it anywhere – on a skirting board, on a shelf, a dressing table, in a display box, on a tree outside.

how to make a fairy door display box

And with our range of handcrafted fairy doors, we have different colours so you can choose a colour that compliments your child’s bedroom or is their favourite colour.

The minute your child sees a fairy door, the wonder of who lives there, immediately follows. Then the magic can start!

And the magic lies in your child’s imagination and the stories they tell (with a bit of help from the “chief secret fairy”… YOU)

How to help your child talk to their secret fairy friend?

….send little fairy letters

fairy letters

This is probably the most magical thing your child could do with their fairy door. It’s actually the second most popular thing our customers tell us their child does when they receive their fairy door. (the first thing EVERY child does when they get their fairy door…. is OPEN it!)

And sending a fairy a letter does not need to be long. Just a few words on a page is all that’s needed. It’s the consistency that is the key.

When your child sends their fairy friend a letter, the key is to make sure the fairy receives it (ie…. you take it away) ….. and then ensure you send a little letter in response.

Purple Fairy Letters Set

Our hugely popular Fairy Letter Sets make this easy and special. They come in colours that match our fairy doors (including Rainbow colours too!)

And if you don’t know what to write, we even have a set of “Letters from a Fairy” available. These are 25 pre-printed letters that a fairy would send to a child.

fairy letters

Each letter is designed to encourage and make your child feel beautiful and special…. and perfectly fits into our Fairy mailbox range.

Introduce your child to their very own secret fairy friend and watch the precious adventures begin.

One customer recently wrote to us saying…

My daughter absolutely loves her opening fairy door! It’s so magical and during these difficult isolation times, watching my daughter believe with all her heart in fairies, is truly rewarding! Thank you!!!” (Donna)

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