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Tooth Fairy Magic

If you have a wobbly tooth in your home, then it’s time for some Tooth Fairy Magic.

These days many parents spend way too much money trying to create wow events for their kids. They get caught in the trap of thinking it’s the big things in life that are treasured most by children.

But for most children its everyday family occurrences and celebrating simple milestones that become treasured childhood memories.

Celebrating a simple milestone like losing a tooth is a great opportunity to create precious childhood memories and a touch of tooth fairy magic.

And we share 3 Tooth Fairy Ideas that are simple and inexpensive.


Your child can drop the lost tooth in a glass of water.

Then when the Tooth Fairy comes to collect the tooth while they are asleep, she ‘secretly” sprinkles “Fairy Dust” in the water AND leaves a little “treat” at the bottom of the glass.

  • Fairy Dust can be a sprinkling of silver glitter
  • A treat in the water, can be a Coin.
Tooth Fairy Ideas


Make a pretty “Tooth Fairy Envelope” to put the tooth inside.

Download and print our FREE Tooth Fairy Envelope here… Tooth Fairy Envelopes

tooth fairy ideas

Your child puts the lost tooth in the envelope and leaves the little envelope for the Tooth Fairy to find. While your child is asleep, the Tooth Fairy ‘secretly’ removes the tooth from the envelope and leaves a little ‘treat’ inside it.

3. Fairy Footprints

To further add some Tooth Fairy Magic, create some tiny fairy footprints.

Your child puts their lost tooth on their dressing table, on a shelf, on a window sill etc. Or if they have a Fairy Door, leave their tooth outside their fairy door, for the tooth fairy to find when she comes through it.

Then while your child is asleep, the Tooth Fairy ‘secretly’ takes the tooth and not only leaves a treat in its place BUT also leaves tiny fairy footprints.

Tooth Fairy Magic

And we have a perfect stencil to create these gorgeous little Fairy Footprints easily.

Fairy Footprints Stencil outside an opening fairy door

Simply lay the stencil flat wherever you want footprints, then sprinkle glitter over the footprint holes.

Gently remove the stencil without smudging the glitter. (The stencil can be reused over and over again). Our fairy footprints stencil is perfect to create magical footprints wherever you want a touch of fairy magic to appear.

Celebrating the small stuff with your child is where precious memories are made

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