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If you have a child who wakes up multiple times in the night or crawls into bed with you, the Sleep Fairy may help.

Many nights, parents with young children face the challenge of getting them to sleep in their own beds. This can make bedtime a nightmare for the child, parent, and other members of the family.

In an effort the help parents get a good nights sleep and make bedtime more pleasant for your child, we have designed a Sleep Fairy Reward Chart.

This chart is a simple tool that rewards sleeping in their own bed by encouraging a child to collect gold stars for each night they sleep in their own bed.

Then when they complete a whole row on the chart, they receive a special treat “from the fairies”.

We have 2 free Sleep Fairy chart designs:

  1. Click the image above to download it for free.

2. Then print it out on a white sheet of A4 paper.

3. Attach the chart to the wall next to your child’s fairy door and explain that each night they sleep in their own bed, the fairies will leave a gold star as a reward.

They stick the gold star on a space on their chart and then when they complete a row with gold stars, ‘the fairies’ will leave a special treat.

But explain that the fairies will only leave a gold star if they sleep the whole night in their own bed.

The Sleep Fairy is watching them through the night and knows if they get into mummy’s bed. Explain that she has a special gold star ready to leave outside their fairy door every night she sees they have slept all night in their own bed.

sleep fairy

This approach gives small rewards each night which encourages small steps and they will enjoy watching their tally of gold stars grow.

Then receiving a bigger reward when your child has collected a row of gold stars, reinforces their achievement and encourages repeat behaviour.

A bigger reward when they complete a row only needs to be something small. Like coloured pencils, playdough, a chocolate or a promise of an outing.

Building the excitement and sharing in their enthusiasm will help this approach. At bedtime, share your anticipation and then as they get closer to the end of each row, build the excitement.

We are hoping this Sleep Fairy Chart helps your child begin to sleep in their own bed and make bed time a pleasant experience!

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