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New Fairy Door Background

The look in your child’s eye when they wake to find that a fairy has visited is priceless and one of the easiest ways to create a magical moment is with a new fairy door background.

Imagine the delight when they open the door to discover a beautiful new fairy land scene, that “the fairies” have secretly changed.

Ideas for a new fairy door background:

As each of our Fairy Doors open with removable background pictures, you can easily change the scene from time to time by sliding a new picture in and out of the back panel.

Here are some ideas for creative backgrounds to use in your child’s fairy door:

1. Photo

Children love to see photos of themselves, so trim a photo to size and secretly slide it into their fairy door.

This is also a great opportunity to encourage them by also leaving a special note from the fairies outside the door ….

2. Mirror

mirror fairy door background
mirror fairy door background

What a surprise when your child opens their fairy door to see a reflection looking back at them!

We sell perfectly sized mirror backgrounds for a fairy door which are made from acrylic. which means they are safe for children and will not shatter.

Otherwise you can find craft mirror sheets in craft stores and Spotlight that you can trim to size.

3. Fairy Door Background Sets

One of the easiest ways to create a new fairy door background picture is to order them from us! We have Background Picture Sets that compliment a Pink Fairy Door, a Purple Fairy Door and a Blue Fairy Door.

We have a background set for an Elf Door and for when the seasons change throughout the year.

We also have background sets of pretty fairy castles and fairy gardens.

We even have backgrounds to celebrate special occasions! Because the best opportunity to surprise a child is to invite the fairies to celebrate their birthday, easter or Christmas!

Create a magical moment for your child by secretly placing a new fairy door background in their door.

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