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Keeping Fairy Magic Alive

Last week we shared 5 easy ways of keeping fairy magic alive and this week we have 5 more!

We again emphasise that the key to keeping it alive, is YOU.

As parent (grandparent, big sister aunt etc), you are the ‘chief fairy letter writer” and the ‘leaver’ of ‘secret’ fairy treats.

So being armed with quick and easy ideas (and possibly a secret drawer of little fairy treats at the ready), is hugely helpful to keeping fairy magic alive for as long as the innocence of childhood lasts.

5 more ideas for Keeping Fairy Magic Alive

  1. Use our FREE Fairy Printables

    Over the years, we have designed a few different items that you can print out at home and use with your child’s fairy door – all for FREE.
    Items like:
    Fairy Encouragement Cards
    Princess Paper Doll
    Fairy Play Mat

    We also have our “Printable Downloads” available to purchase, which are very inexpensive fairy print outs that you can order and receive almost immediately.
    Items such as:
    Fairy Slumber Party
    Colour In Paper Fairy Doll
    Fairy Garden Planters & Seed Packets
    Paper Fairy Doll & Clothes
    Fairy Birthday Garland
    Fairy House
    Printable Downloads

  2. Mimic Daily Activities

    One of the most realistic and relatable ways of keeping fairy magic alive in a child’s heart is to mimic everyday activities outside their fairy door.

    Think about something you’ve done today and leave a similar, fairy sized equivalent outside their fairy door. This shows that the fairies also enjoy doing these things.

    For example:
    Baking: If you’ve made some biscuits today, we have a free template to make tiny fairy oven which you could print out and then leave a biscuit you’ve baked inside it.

    Washing: If you’ve done some washing today, we have a free template to make a fairy washing line. Print out the pieces and attach beside your childs fairy door with blu-tac.

    Gardening: for a quick & easy FREE idea, leave some little fairy seed packets and a hand full of dirt. We also have some fairy gum boots, a little gnome and a mushroom available for you to keep handy in your secret drawer ready to use.

    Went to School: leave a little piece of writing paper and a fairy book. Or see how to make a cute fairy sized pencil out of a toothpick.

    We also have a great blog on how to create a Fairy School outside your fairy door for lots of ideas

    Slept in? – leave a little fairy blanket & pillow outside their fairy door to mimic that their fairy slept in too. Just cut out a square of fabric and use a cotton ball as a fairy pillow.

    Or use one of our Fairy Slumber Party Sleeping Bags

    So by simply copying an everyday activity outside their fairy door, you create some miniature enchantment quickly and easily.

    how to make fairy pencils

  3. Use the Seasons

    Taking your cue from nature, you can get some great ideas to use.

    Use the change of seasons to leave something outside their fairy door.

    For example:
    Spring: Make a cute fairy bouquet by collecting some small flowers (like lavender or wattle) and wrap in a square of paper.

    Leave some little fairy stepping stones leading to their fairy door by slicing up a small branch into little round slices. Showing that the fairies were walking around their fairy garden in the spring sunshine.

    Summer: make a daisy chain and hang it above their fairy door.

    Or create a fairy swing using a toy truck tyre.

    Autumn: leave some pretty autumn leaves

    Winter: leave a fairy scarf & beanie. Make a fairy beanie by cutting the top off the little finger of an old glove. Make a fairy scarf by cutting a strip off the bottom.

    Create a beautiful winter scene by sprinkling some Fairy Snow about. This can be easily made using some Pantene Shampoo!

    Another great Winter idea is to print our FREE Fairy Fireplace and leave that next to their fairy door

  4. Include the fairies in the Celebration of Anything

    Birthdays – you can easily create fairy streamers by popping a popper! We also have some other great ideas for a fairy birthday scene here.

    Easter – Grow some magical fairy easter eggs with some Tic tacs!

    Christmas – always include the fairies at Christmas time

    Back to School – celebrate back to school with these great ideas
    Hang up a Back to School Countdown
    Create a Fairy School Theme
    Leave some fairy school books and school supplies outside their fairy door

    Valentines Day – leave an “I love You” card for them

    Tooth Fairy– the most famous fairy of all loves to celebrate a lost tooth. We have some great tooth fairy ideas here.
    Plus we have the cutest little Fairy Toothbrush Set

    If your child achieved something, slept the whole night in their own bed, ate all their vegetables etc, celebrate these by leaving a letter from the fairies to show they saw and are proud of them.

    keeping fairy magic alive

  5. GOLDEN RULE – Do Little things Regularly

    Move something around
    Leave a note or treat
    Create fairy footprints under the bed or in the bathroom
    Leave a fairy letter in their lunchbox
    Sprinkle fairy dust outside their fairy door
    Leave an M&M
    Leave some sultanas
    Dangle a little craft bell on some cotton from their fairy door
    or use any of our “100 Treat Ideas from the Fairies List

    Fairy Gifts are the most precious gifts of all

We hope the 10 ideas we’ve shared over the past 2 weeks have helped you in keeping fairy magic alive and well in your home.

The key is in taking just a few minutes to write a fairy letter, find a little treat from your “secret drawer stash”, or pick a flower on the way home; that will leave lasting memories in your child’s mind.

Creating precious childhood memories should not be difficult, expensive or time consuming.

The funny thing is that children often remember the little things more. What we consider the most insignificant events are often the ones that have the most impact to a child.

How many parents have ever laughed at their child having more fun with the box than the expensive item that was in it!

So take advantage of a child’s simple fascination by leaving small BUT REGULAR little fairy touches around their fairy door.

As a parent, you will be absolutely BLESSED when you hear them as adults reminisce about these precious memories of their childhood…. which you were secretly a part of!!

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