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keep fairy magic alive

This week we had a lovely customer ask how she can keep fairy magic alive when her daughter receives her new fairy door.

This is a question we are often asked because most parents want their children to keep their innocence for as long as possible. The simple faith of a child to simply believe is beautiful. Which is why they can so easily create magical stories and be swept up in a world where anything is possible.

Our answer is always the same:

“You as a Parent are the Key”

As a parent, Grandparent, Aunt, Big Sister, you are the one who “secretly” keeps fairy magic alive.

But it should never be difficult, time consuming or expensive. With a few tips and great ideas, we can take the pressure of ourselves and keep things simple.

Most grandma’s will say that children often remember the little things more. It’s often theĀ littlest thingsĀ that have the biggest impact on a child.

How many parents have ever laughed at their child having more fun with the box than the expensive item that was in it!

So, how to keep fairy magic alive?

  1. With Fairy Letters

    The easiest way is to leave the occasional fairy letter outside their fairy door.

    And to make this even easier, we have a whole set of 25 pre-written Letters from a Fairy you can keep hidden in a drawer. Then whenever you need a quick fairy note, you have them already written. You don’t even need to think about what to say.fairy letters

  2. Create some Fairy Footprints

    Using some fairy dust (aka Glitter) and a Footprint stencil, you can easily create tiny fairy footprints anywhere.

    – Leading to and from their fairy door
    – across their dressing table
    – over the kitchen table
    – on the window sill
    – near their toothbrush
    – in a wardrobe
    – or somewhere your child might be afraid of, such as under their bed.

    And to make this easy also, we have a Fairy Footprints Stencil available.Opening Fairy Doors Footprints Stencil which has made some glittery fairy footprints outside a fairy door

  3. Change Something Around

    A super easy and inexpensive way to keep fairy magic alive is to secretly move something around in their bedroom. Something that a fairy would do and something your child would notice (especially if you leave a sprinkling of fairy dust nearby).
    keeping fairy magic alive

  4. Change their Fairy Door Background

    If you have one of our Opening Fairy Doors, a great way to show a fairy has visited is to secretly change the background picture.

    And again, we make this easy because we have sets of Fairy Background Pictures and Special Occasion Background Pictures available.

    Each of these sets include 3 different background pictures that you can easily slide in and out of the back panel.

    Imagine the delight when your child opens their fairy door to see a beautiful fairy garden or an enchanted forest. Changing the background picture to celebrate special occasions is especially magical.

    Our “Special Occasions Set” includes 1 birthday background, 1 Easter and 1 Christmas Background so you can easily pop these in and out of your child’s fairy door to show your child that even the fairies are celebrating these special occasions with them.opening fairy doors

  5. Leave a little Treat

    Fairies love to leave tiny treats to encourage, especially if your child has been helpful, shown good manners, been friendly, kind or brave.

    A little fairy treat should never be expensive in fact, something as simple as a pretty flower, a shiny pebble, a shell or strawberry (a fairy’s favourite food) is all that’s needed.

    In fact, we have a fantastic list of “100 Quick & Easy Ideas for Treats from the Fairies” available as a FREE download. Print this sheet off and keep it somewhere for reference when needed.100 Easy Treat Ideas from the Fairies list by Opening Fairy Doors

The golden rule to keep fairy magic alive is to do little things regularly. And if you are armed with these great ideas, it is truly easy.

Your child will grow with such precious memories of childhood that they will never forget.

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