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If you’re ever stuck for what to write on a letter from a fairy, we’ve got 5 Tips for Sending Fairy Mail.

As an adult, we might think that a letter from a pretend fairy isn’t much but to a child, it is magical. Because to a child, a letter from a fairy tells them there is someone special watching over them.

A special someone who is kind, friendly and able to do things they can’t. And with this person, adventures beyond limitations are possible.

To a child, a fairy is enchanting, wonderful and inspiring. And a note from a fairy is equally as enchanting, wonderful and magical.

5 tips for Sending Fairy Mail…

  1. The ‘Golden Rule’ is ‘keep it simple’.

A Fairy letter doesn’t need to be an essay, sweet is better. To a child a simple sentence or question is all they need.

5 Tips for Sending Fairy Mail

2. Always encourage: “I was watching you today and noticed how helpful you were”

5 Tips for Sending Fairy Mail

3. Tell about a favourite thing: “My favourite colour is…., what is yours?”

5 Tips for Sending Fairy Mail

4. Reinforce positive behaviour

letters from a fairy

5. A fairy letter can ask for an activity, such as to draw a picture or read a story.

5 Tips for Sending Fairy Mail

Fairy Letters only need a few words to be effective. The magic is in the personal touch.

Asking simple questions.

Commenting on positive attributes.

Encouraging positive behaviour

Talking about your child’s day

And a Fairy Letter can be left anywhere. Leave one outside your child’s fairy door, under their pillow, on their dressing table, in their lunch box or anywhere that will surprise and delight them.

To make fairy letters easy, we have a gorgeous set of 25 individual fairy letters that we have designed and made, ready for you to give.

Our set of “Letters from a Fairy” include 25 bright, colourful and detailed and letters, each designed to make your child feel beautiful, special and encouraged.

These are available here on our site.

letters from a fairy

If you prefer to write your own, we have colour coordinated blank notes with envelopes, which are perfect to match the colour of your fairy door.

We have Pink Fairy Letters

Pink Fairy Letters Set

And a Purple Fairy Letters Set…

Purple Fairy Letters Set

Plus a Blue Fairy Letters Set

Blue Fairy Letters Set

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