How to Make Fairy Pencils - Fairy School Setting - Opening Fairy Doors
how to make fairy pencils

Last week we saw how to create a Fairy School theme for your fairy door and this week we show how to make fairy pencils!

These gorgeous miniature pencils are made from toothpicks and are so easy to make. They are perfect to add to your fairy school setting.

Items you Need

  • Toothpick
  • Scissors
  • Pink & Yellow texters (Sharpie, highlighters etc)
  • Black Texter
  • Tiny piece of Aluminium Foil

How to Make Fairy Pencils

  1. Cut the pointy end off a Toothpick

    fairy pencils
    Cut off about 2.5cm long

  2. Colour it yellow

    fairy pencils
    Using a yellow texter (or even yellow paint or nail polish), colour in most of the length. Leave the pointy top part plain.

  3. Colour the end Pink

    fairy pencils
    Using a pink texter, colour a small part of the end. This will look like the eraser part of a real pencil. Only colour about 3mm.

  4. Colour the point black

    how to make fairy pencils
    Using a black texter, colour the pointy end. This looks like the lead in a real pencil

  5. Stick a tiny piece of Aluminium Foil

    how to make fairy pencils
    Cut a tiny length of aluminium foil about 1/2cm long x 2mm wide.

    With a glue stick (which is easier), glue the foil around the top of the fairy pencil, just underneath the pink part.

    This looks like the metal part of the eraser on a real pencil.


how to make fairy pencils

If you make a few Fairy Pencils, you can place them all in a tiny fairy cup.

Fairy Pencils are the perfect addition to a Fairy School Setting.

how to make fairy pencils

For other Fairy School accessories, we have available Fairy School Prints Set, Alphabet Set, Table & Chairs Set, Fairy Books Set and Fairy Certificates.

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