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10 ways to display your fairy door

10 Ways to Display your Fairy Door

Today we show you 10 Ways to Display your Fairy Door shared with us by our creative customers.

Sometimes your cannot place your fairy door above a skirting board or on the floor due to puppies, little fingers or if you’re in a rented home.

But there are plenty of other wonderful places you can set up a fairy home and below we show you 10.

10 Ways to Display your Fairy Door ..

1. In a Display Box

Places like “Mocka”, Ikea, KMart and Craft Stores often have boxes that are perfect for transforming into a magical fairy home.

The one we have used below came from www.mocka.com.au. It came in a set of 3 and we have used the largest one.

How to Make a Fairy Door Display Box

To see how we decorated it, pop over to our YouTube Video…

How to Decorate a Fairy Door Display Box

2. This house shaped box came from KMart.

The walls have been decorated with some stickers and a Grass Mat has been used on the base.

10 Ways to Display your Fairy Door

3. Any little box will do

We made this little box from wood with clear acrylic sides. We then decorated the back with a fairy garden picture we printed on our printer.

The large green base is a piece of felt which we decorated with small green pebbles (Bunnings Garden Section) and various fairy garden accessories.

Fairy Display Box

4. Transform the corner of a bedroom

This customer transformed a corner of her daughter’s bedroom to create this amazing inside fairy garden.

She decorated the walls with a removable background sticker scene.

Used 4 of our Grass Mats for the base

And then used bright red pebbles to decorate around the outside, blue glass pebbles, white pebbles and small rainbow pebbles for the rivers and pond (all from Bunnings).

She then decorated her fairy garden with various fairy garden accessories.

10 Ways to Display your Fairy Door

5. Use a shelf or ledge

Using a shelf or ledge is a perfect fairy home as it can be extended as needed. And with the help of a chair, it can be easily accessible.

10 Ways to Display your Fairy Door

6. Decorate a piece of furniture

Jenny wanted to create an easily accessible fairy space for her grandchildren. Somewhere that was in the main part of her home, was a low height for little fingers and looked beautiful.

10 Ways to Display your Fairy Door

7. Even a double decker fairy home – with lights!

Then Jenny went a step further and moved the fairies into the second shelf of her cabinet PLUS added some lights! So magical!

10 Ways to Display your Fairy Door

8. Give the fairies their own front door entrance

By attaching your fairy door next to the front door, you give your fairy her own entrance.

10 Ways to Display your Fairy Door

9. Make a free-standing display out of a cardboard box

Grab a cardboard box and make a quick and easy fairy home by cutting out the sides and joining them together with tape.

Then decorate the walls and add a Grass Mat to create a fairy garden. Add a petty cobblestone path by printing one of your home printer.

10 Ways to Display your Fairy Door

10. A Shelf or bookshelf compartment

If you have a bookshelf or a cubicle type shelf, use one of the compartments to create a fairy space.

Decorate the walls with with pretty stickers. This kind of display allows you to add little fairy furniture pieces and accessories.

10 Ways to Display your Fairy Door

A fairy door can be placed virtually anywhere (and fairies are happy to live anywhere too). The important thing is your fairy door display doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive.

It’s all about the ‘secret’ engagement (of an adult) that keeps the magic alive.

So attach your fairy door anywhere and then leave the occasional ‘fairy letter’, little accessory or treat, to inspire the wonder and imagination in your child.

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