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beautiful fairy house

Beautiful Fairy House

Make a beautiful fairy house with our easy DIY templates.

When completed, this pretty house has 2 levels and comes with it’s own cut-out furniture and accessories so you can decorate it for your fairies.

Designed by mum and I, this fairy house is easy to make and is a fantastic project for your kids to make at home.

And the best part is, our template is downloadable which means you can keep it and reprint it over and over again.

Plus, you will receive it by email almost immediately and each page is designed to print on an A4 sheet. Super easy!

DIY Fairy House Download Printable
Beautiful fairy house

Items you need

What to do

  1. Download our Template

    Click the image below to access our template
    Save to your computer, so you can use it anytimebeautiful fairy house

  2. Print each page

    Print each page on a sheet of A4 paper using colour setting DIY Fairy House Printable Download

  3. Make the House First

    There are 5 separate pages to create your fairy house building.
    Cut this out and make the house pages firstDIY Fairy House Printable Download

  4. Watch our YouTube Video below

    We show you step by step below, how to make our fairy house.

  5. After building the house, cut out the furniture page

    There is 1 full page of furniture and accessories to decorate the inside.

    Cut each piece out and glue inside your house

Watch how to make our Fairy House…

After you’ve made your fairy house, you can decorate it with little pieces of fairy furniture and accessories.

An idea for little accessories are:

Another idea is to create a pretty fairy garden underneath:

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