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Fairy Washing Line

How to make a Fairy Washing Line to hang next to your fairy door? Even fairies love clean clothes and they would be thrilled to be able to wash their clothes when they visit you.

To make this easy, we have designed a FREE Fairy Washing Line template to use!

Our bright and colourful template includes fairy clothes, washing line posts and even a patch of green grass that you can cut out and stick onto the wall next to your fairy door.

How to Make a Fairy Washing Line?

Items you need are:

  • Fairy Washing Line template (see below)
  • Length of thread
  • Blu-tac
  • Scissors
Fairy Washing Line

What to do:

  1. Click below to download our FREE Template

    Fairy Washing Line

  2. Cut out each piece

    Fairy Washing Line

  3. Blu-tac the 2 stick post images beside your fairy door

    We have attached our sticks on the skirting board next to one side of our fairy door. We placed them about 20cm apart.Fairy Washing Line

  4. Attach the Grass patch

    Using blu-tac, place the grass picture just under the stick posts, so it looks like they are poking out of the grassFairy Washing Line

  5. Measure and cut a length of thread

    To make the line that your fairy clothes will be hung on, measure a length of cotton thread to go between the 2 stick posts.

    As our clothes line sticks are 20cm apart, we measured our cotton thread 21cm long, so it is long enough to be attached to each side.

    Place a tiny bit of blu-tac on one end of the thread and stick this end on the top of one stick. Repeat on the other side, so the thread hangs between the posts.Fairy Washing Line

  6. Hang up your Fairy Clothes

    On each piece of fairy clothing there are 2 tiny pegs, fold these little pieces over and use them to hang on the thread. Fairy Washing Line

Fairy Washing Line

You might even be able to draw some more fairy clothes to use! Design your own and colour them in but remember to always draw on the little pegs so you can hang up the clothes.

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