Free Princess Paper Doll

Keep the kids entertained with our Free Princess Paper Doll. Paper Dolls have been around for over 200 years and are now making a comeback.

Especially now when families need to stay inside and are looking for ideas to entertain the kids.

Paper Dolls are cheap and easy to make and are perfect for little imaginations to create their own stories.

So, we have designed our own Free Princess Paper Dolls including a wardrobe of beautiful clothes. Plus if your child has a fairy door, our Princess Paper Dolls are the perfect size for it.

How to Make our Free Princess Paper Doll?

  1. Click to download our Paper Doll templates below

Cut out the dolls – BE CAREFUL TO CUT AROUND THE CIRCLE AT THE BOTTOM (this is part of the stand that helps her to stand up)

“The Stand” – cut out the dotted shape in the middle of the page. This is the ‘stand’ which helps your paper doll to stand up. Fold on the red line and glut this part onto the back of the circle base of your paper doll.

Popsicle Stick – TIP… to strengthen your paper doll, we suggest you glue a paddle pop stick (or a piece of strong cardboard) up the back of your paper doll.

2. Click below to download our Princess Paper Doll Wardrobe….


3. Once downloaded, print each page onto a sheet of white paper or thin card.

4. Cut each piece out – BE CAREFUL NOT TO CUT OFF THE LITTLE WHITE TABS (these are needed to hold the clothes on the doll)

5. Dress your Princess Paper Doll by placing a dress on her and folding the white tabs over her, to hold the dress on.

To see how to make a Paper Doll in action, watch your video clip ….

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