free Fairy Slumber Party Printable Download

At a time when kids are at home and parents are looking for ideas to keep them occupied, we have designed some gorgeous Free Fairy Slumber Party Printables.

We have designed these so your child can create a magical Sleepover Party for their fairy friends.

Every little girl loves a slumber party and with our free printable templates, she can create a fairy sized Slumber Party outside her fairy door!

And even if your child doesn’t have a fairy door, they can still enjoy making this and playing with the pieces to create fun stories.

We have designed all the pieces for you to print on your home printer.

There are:

  • 3 little sleeping bags – pink, purple and blue
  • 3 matching pillows
  • 3 tiny sleep masks
  • 3 fairies
  • plus lots of gorgeous accessories like Teddy Bears, slippers and even fairy sized makeup and a pizza!

All to create the best ever slumber party outside your child’s fairy door.

Watch our Youtube Clip to see our Free Fairy Slumber Party in action:

How to Create your Fairy Slumber Party

  1. Print the pieces

    Click the links below to access our free templates.

    There are 4 different pages and each page is designed to print on 1 sheet of A4 paper or thin card.

    free Fairy Slumber Party Printable Download

  2. Cut out each piece

    This takes a little time but it’s worth it!

  3. Glue the Sleeping Bag together

    Watch our Youtube clip to see what to do.
    It is very easy! All you need are scissors and a glue stick.

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