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Fairy Gifts are the most precious gifts of all

Fairy Gifts are the Most Precious Gifts of All

Everyone loves receiving gifts but do you know why Fairy Gifts are the most precious gifts of all?

Because within a gift from a fairy is a message of encouragement and endless possibility.

Gifts tell us that we are thought fondly of by the giver. When a gift is given, it carries with it a message that you are special to that person. Especially when ‘thought’ has gone into the choice of gift to ensure the receiver will enjoy it.

Fairy gifts are even more precious because a magical little being has found your home to be special enough to not only visit but to leave a little token of appreciation and promise.

And the little gift that a fairy leaves is usually something they

Ideas for Fairy Gifts?

We have designed a list of 100 ideas for gifts from a fairy that you can download and print.

This ultimate list includes quick, easy and inexpensive ideas that you can use at any time when a special treat is needed.

Click the image below to open our free ideas list…..

Fairy Gifts are the Most Precious Gifts of all

  1. Print our Free Fairy Gift Ideas List

    Click on the image above to open our list and then print onto a white A4 sheet of paper.

  2. Keep the list handy

    Keep this list somewhere handy so you can refer to it quickly when a precious fairy gift is needed

  3. Start a Collection

    A great idea is to have a collection of these little treat ideas handy somewhere so you have them on hand.

    Simply use a shoebox, drawer, little bag, or some other hiding place to stash a few of these. Then when “the fairies” would like to leave a precious little fairy gift, you have items on hand to use.

    We have a beautiful wooden box available that is perfect for storing collections of little fairy treat ideas…..
    https://openingfairydoors.com.au/product/fairy-storage-box/Fairy Storage Box by Opening Fairy Doors

  4. Leave an occasional fairy Gift to Encourage

    As we know, children respond quickly to encouragement, so when your child has behaved in a positive way, or done something you want to encourage; choose a little treat from your collection and leave outside your child’s fairy door with a tiny note.

Unfortunately as years go by, most gifts we receive from people are forgotten. Usually because we outgrow them.

But little gifts from a fairy contributes to precious memories of childhood that will never be forgotten.

That is why fairy gifts are the most precious gifts of all!

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