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One word of encouragement, one smile or one hug at the right time, can be life-changing. It’s incredible to think how something so little can mean so much.

The dictionary says Encouragement means “to give someone support, confidence or hope”. How super important it is for us to do this for our children! Parents and grandparents can powerfully influence their children by taking opportunities to simply “encourage”.

Focussing on a positive, highlighting the good and communicating kindness absolutely effect a child’s self esteem, attitudes and behaviour in a positive way.

When children are babies, we find it easy to encourage and speak kindly but we can forget to adopt the same approach when as our children grow older.

For example when a baby takes their first wobbly steps and then tumbles onto the floor, we don’t say “Can’t you learn to walk yet?” “That’s not how you do it!” 

Instead, we applaud the attempt, help them up again, and say, “You can do it. Try again. I’m here for you”.

As children grow older, they need the same support, kindness and encouragement through the different stages of their life (we all do!).

Fairy Encouragement Certificates make this Easy … with a touch of Magic.

There are 24 gorgeous little affirmation certificates in this set, each with a special word of encouragement, perfect for most occasions.

fairy certificates

Just choose one and secretly leave it outside their fairy door or in their mailbox. Or, if you don’t have a fairy door, you could:

  • put one in an envelope addressed to them and leave it in the post box outside.
  • stick one on the bathroom mirror
  • place one in their lunch box
  • hide one in their pocket
  • poke one inside a book they are reading

Our Fairy Certificates are available here

Just as we applaud each new step a toddler makes, we can use this same approach with our growing children. By taking opportunities to encourage; to say thank you; by focussing on the positives; highlighting the good and ensuring our comments are always kind….

…our children will get the message that “even if they don’t get everything right, they are still appreciated and valued”.

A Parting Thought

The way to bring out the best in someone is not to look at their flaws and failures but to look for the good.

Because the more we look for the good, the more we will find it.

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