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Free Back to School Sign

Free Back to School Sign

Capturing precious memories of your little ones first anything is special and our Free Back to School Sign is a perfect way to capture this milestone.

Download and print our FREE Back to School Sign, fill in the different sections and then whip out your camera to capture the memory.

Such a beautiful keepsake of the precious details that we often forget. Details such as your child’s favourite things, what their teacher’s name is, of what they want to be when they grow up; at that moment in time.

The exciting thing is because our Back to School Sign is a free download, you can print a copy each year on your child’s first day of school. Then every year you will have a collection of photos as your child grows, along with these precious details that you can look back on as a keepsake.

We even have 2 different coloured signs to choose from – a pink one and a blue one.

Download our Free Back to School Sign

  1. Click the image below to download – choose Pink or Blue

  2. Print in colour on a white sheet of A4 paper

  3. Fill in the different sections to personalise with your child’s details

  4. Whip out your camera and take a photo of the sign with your child on their first day.

  5. Repeat on their first day of school each year

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