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fairy fishing

Outside in the sunshine and fresh air, is a fairy’s favourite activity, along with a spot of fairy fishing!

And today, we show you how to create a fun Fairy Fishing theme using some bits and pieces around the home and a FREE Template from us.

As we’ve mentioned before, children love to tell stories through their play and a fairy door creates the perfect stage for this. Behind a fairy door is a magical place, where anything is possible to a child.

Helping them to create fun themes outside their fairy door, will inspire many a magical adventure. We have found the best settings to create are ones that children relate to.

How to Create a Fairy Fishing Theme?

  1. Collect your items

    Thin stick (for the fishing rod)
    String (for the fishing line)
    Small plastic container (for the pond)
    Paddle Pop sticks (for the Jetty)
    Fish & Pond Water Template (free below)
    Assorted accessories fairy fishing

  2. Make a fairy jetty

    Glue some paddle pop sticks together to make a fairy jetty.
    You can make this as big or small as you like. In our photo, we’ve made our Jetty using larger sticks.

  3. Make your Fairy Fishing Rod

    Using the thin stick, tie a length of string onto the endfairy fishing

  4. Make your Fairy Fishing pond

    Use the small plastic container for your pond. You can create some pretty blue pond water and fill it with some fairy sized fish, using our free template below.

    fairy fishing

  5. Print our FREE Pond Water & Fairy Fish Template

    Print onto a white sheet of A4 paperer thin card.
    Click the image above or click the link below for our template.

    Cut out the pictures and glue the water design underneath your plastic container.

    You could also fill the container with water (remember not to use the paper fish in the water)

  6. Then add some other accessories to create your own fun Fairy Fishing theme.

    fairy fishing

    We have used:
    Pink Sparkle Fairy
    Fairy Book
    A cocktail umbrella

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