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Fairy Calendar

The fairies are celebrating a new decade with their own Fairy Calendar. It is so easy to make and even has tear off pages!

Below we have a FREE printable template to use which is made from 2 sheets of paper. Hang your Fairy Calendar on the wall beside your fairy door with blu-tac. Then, like a lot of us do with our human calendars… circle special dates throughout the year… such as your birthday, Christmas, Easter, School holidays and vacations.

And each night before you go to sleep, cross off that day on your Fairy Calendar. Then, at the end of each month, tear off that page.

Here is our FREE Fairy Calendar template to download and make yourself.

Free Fairy Calendar Template

  1. Click on the Calendar above to download

    Print each page on a white A4 Sheet

  2. Cut the Calendar months out

    And cut out the Fairy Calendar templateFairy Calendar

  3. Glue ‘November’ on

    Starting with ‘November’, carefully place a line of glue on the top edge on the back and stick this month on top of “December” on the Calendar Template.fairy calendar

  4. Continue sticking all the months on

    Then continue to stick the other months on top of each other in the same way. By placing a thin line of glue on the top back edge and pressing each month on top of the last one.

    fairy calendar

  5. End with January on the top

    Do this from December to January, so you end up with the month of January on the top. fairy calendar

  6. Line each month up neatly

    fairy calendar

  7. Hang beside your fairy door

    Using small pieces of blu-tac on the back corners of your fairy calendar, hang it beside your fairy door.fairy calendar

Fairy Calendar

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