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summer fairy fun

Let’s create some summer fairy fun outside your fairy door because here in Australia, we love the great outdoors and so do Aussie fairies!

If you’re looking for ideas for how to decorate your fairy door, summer time gives us heaps of inspiration. Many of the things you love to do in summer, you can recreate outside your fairy door.

Activities like playing in the garden; Camping in the great outdoors, a movie night under the stars; a Picnic; swimming in the pool; or a day at the beach.

How to create a summer fairy fun theme outside your fairy door:

What you need:

  • Sand or small pebbles
  • White Pebbles or Shells
  • Leaves
  • Cocktail Umbrella
  • Fairy Accessories
  • The Fairy door Setting we’ve used in our photo is our Purple glitter Starter Set

How to create your own Summer Fairy Fun:

  1. Pour the sand in front of your fairy door

    summer fairy fun

    To make it easier to clean up, we suggest placing some aluminium foil or a sheet of paper underneath

  2. Place the white pebbles to one side & stick the leaves in the sand

    summer fairy fun

  3. Place the little Cocktail umbrella in the sand

    summer fairy fun

  4. Arrange your fairy accessories

    summer fairy fun

  5. summer fairy fun

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