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How to Make Santa Footprints

How to Make Santa Footprints

Create some fun this Christmas with magical Santa footprints.

This is one of those activities that really is ADORABLE! Best of all it is easy to do and you probably already have all the items you need at home.

How to Make Santa Footprints

There are 3 different ways to create them, based on which items you have at home:

  1. Use a pair of thongs or sandals

    Put the thongs on the floor, one slightly in front and to the side of the other.
    Sprinkle some flour or baking powder around the edges.
    Carefully lift the thongs to reveal 2 footprints. how to make Santa footprints

  2. Use a Free Santa Footprint Template

    Click on the image below to download your template (thank you to Woolworths !)

    how to make Santa footprints

    Print this template out on A4 paper
    Cut around each boot piece
    Lay each on the floor (one slightly in front of the other)
    Sprinkle over each with flour
    (for extra ‘magic sparkle’, stir some silver glitter through the flour before you sprinkle it)

  3. Use a pair of work boots or gum boots

    Pour some flour into a tray
    Spray the bottom of a boot with water
    Dip the boot into the flour, so that the sole is coated
    Stamp the boot onto the floor where you’d like Santa footprints to be.
    Repeat this process until you form a trail of Santa footprints.

    Watch How to do this below, with our thanks to “The Dad Lab”….

free Santa footprints

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