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free Santa letter

Almost every child loves to write Santa a letter every Christmas and we have the cutest Free Santa Letters!

And did you know that Santa can send and receive letters through fairy doors? You don’t even need a postage stamp!

We have designed 2 awesome FREE letters. One letter to Santa from your child and the other is an actual reply letter from Santa himself.

  1. Free Letter to Santa from your Child

    Click the image below to download the template
    Print on a white A4 sheet of paper
    Cut it out and leave it outside your child’s fairy door or in their fairy mailbox.
    Your child can complete it and then leave it outside their fairy door for Santa to receive it. free Santa letters

  2. Free Reply Letter from Santa

    Santa loves replying to every letter he receives from children and this free Santa letter is from his personal stationery.

    Click on the image below to download this template
    free Santa letters

  3. AND we even have a blank letter from Santa

    It you prefer Santa’s reply letter to be personalised to your child, you can print this blank template out and ‘secretly’ complete it.

    Click on the image below to download this blank templatefree santa letters

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