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start a new tradition with an opening fairy door

Start a New Tradition with an Opening Fairy Door

Start a new tradition with an Opening Fairy Door.

We love family traditions in our home. I personally believe family traditions instil a sense of belonging in a child; a feeling of security, acceptance and love.

A tradition is something you do regularly that has special meaning and significance to you. And it can involve a lot of people like Christmas or Thanksgiving or just involve you. And it can be something that occurs daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

For example, a daily family tradition can be as simple as a secret handshake, or sitting at the table to eat dinner together and share about your day.

A weekly tradition can be a family games night or movie night together; or a special breakfast on a Sunday morning.

An example of a yearly can be a photo taken on the first day of School or marking growth measurements on a door frame.

In our family, some traditions we hold dear are:

  • We eat dinner at the table together each night – no TV and no phones
  • Friday night is family movie night
  • The birthday person gets to choose their favourite dinner
  • At Easter, we have Easter egg hunts
  • On a road trip, we always play “Eye Spy”
  • At Christmas, we put the Christmas tree up together with Christmas music on.
  • On Christmas Eve, we watch “The Muppets Christmas Carol” movie together

And over the past 10 years, mum & I are so happy to have helped thousands of families across Australia start a new tradition with an opening fairy door! One that instills many happy childhood memories.

How can I Start a new Tradition with an Opening Fairy Door?

  1. The magic starts with a fairy note

    Build the anticipation by leaving a little note “from the fairies” beside their bed to find in the morning. This fairy note can say something like: “We are working on a very special surprise for you which will be ready soon. Love from the fairies”

    start a new tradition with an opening fairy door

  2. Secretly set up their fairy door

    Quietly set up their new opening fairy door while they are at school or asleep.

    Common places parents choose are beside their bed on a skirting board, under their bed (if they are afraid of monsters under there) or in a display box or on a shelf.

    there's a fairy under my bed

  3. Send the occasional fairy note

    This is the secret to the “magic’ of a fairy door. It’s this secret engagement of a parent (every fairy’s friend!) that keeps the magic alive. This kind of interaction is also the perfect opportunity to encourage and reward your child.

    We have a great post on our blog that shares some great ideas on how to write fairy letters and how to Encourage with a Fairy door.

    We also have many different sets of fairy letters available to help with your fairy letters; Rainbow, Pink, Purple and Blue.

  4. A fairy door tradition can also be shared across homes with cousins, friends and especially grandparents and grandchildren! 

    We have SO many customers who are grandparents who have purchased an opening fairy door for them and their grandchildren, so the fairies can visit each other.

    We have heaps of grandparents, who regularly use our fairy letter sets, so their fairies can interact.

    Start a new Tradition with an Opening Fairy Door
    Margaret shared a photo of her Yellow Opening Fairy Door which matches her granddaughter’s fairy door, so the fairies can visit each other.

  5. Start a new tradition with an opening fairy door – they are a perfect way to celebrate yearly traditions with children.

    Using a Fairy Door to celebrate special occasions like Birthdays, Easter, Christmas, Back to School and Holidays brings a unique element of fun and allows for some “seriously creative ideas”.

    How magical to receive a fairy sized birthday card on your birthday!

    How amazing to find a fairy sized Christmas tree with fairy lights at Christmas!

    After enjoying an Easter egg hunt in the back yard, how exciting to then discover a couple of little easter eggs in your fairy door garden!

One Christmas tradition that is such a wonderful idea, is to ‘magically’ change your child’s normal Fairy Door with a Red Fairy Door at Christmas time. This is especially special if you incorporate this with the Elf on the Shelf’s traditional arrival on 1st December.

The day before, secretly place “Construction Signs” across your child’s fairy door. This will cause intrigue and mystery and certainly start your child wondering what the fairies are doing?

Then overnight, secretly change their normal fairy door with a Red Christmas Opening Fairy Door. And if you are expecting Elf on the Shelf’s arrival on the 1st December, this Red Fairy Door tradition is a perfect accompaniment.

Fairy Door Lights
Elf on the Shelf

We have “Construction Signs” FREE to download and print…. here

Start a New Tradition with an Opening Fairy Door, FREE Construction Signs printable
Start a New Tradition with an Opening Fairy Door
‘Construction Signs’ FREE Template

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