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Fairy Marshmallows

Add a touch of fun to your fairy garden by making the cutest little Fairy Marshmallows over a tiny fairy fire pit.

Imagine your child finding this tiny fairy fire pit with teeny weeny roasted marshmallows, hidden in a fairy garden. The sense of wonder it would inspire!

Some of the cutest ideas for a fairy garden can come from everyday activities.

How to Make Fairy Marshmallows

  1. Cut a small circle of cardboard to the size you want

  2. Using a Glue Gun, glue some pebbles around the outside of the cardboard circle

  3. Glue some grass in the middle of the circle

  4. Arrange some twigs in the middle

  5. To make the Marshmallow holders:

    Cut a small length of wire or a straightened paper clip and glue a brown, oval shaped bead onto the end for the handle.

  6. For the little white marshmallow, use a small, white bead.

  7. IDEA: to add a tiny flame to your fairy fire pit, you could:

    include a small LED, Battery operated Tea Light Candle in the centre (under the grass and twigs)

Does your family enjoy camping over the summer season! Create a fun fairy sized camping scene outside your child’s fairy door for their fairies to enjoy.

And we have a great little fairy camping scene to inspire.

Adding this little Fairy Marshmallows fire pit to your camping theme would be such a fun detail to include. Your child could even enjoy some marshmallows on a stick of their own, whilst creating fun fairy adventures.

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