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Fairy Garden Snails

Imagine the delight when your child finds a family of super cute Fairy Garden snails hidden in their fairy garden!

It’s the detail that adds magic and personality to a fairy garden.

The hidden treasures and tiny decorative touches brings a fairy garden to life. They inspire a sense of wonder and whimsy that is magical.

Finding a teeny family of rabbits under a leaf, a brood of chickens scratching in the grass or a pair of guinea pigs resting in the sun.

And this week we have a gorgeous idea for making Fairy Garden Snails from sea shells!

Items Needed

Fairy Garden Snails
Collect Spiral shaped sea shells

Spiral Sea Shells

Any acrylic paint (water based for easy clean up)

Paint Brush

Small Sticks – around double the length of your shell. This will be your snail’s body which needs to poke out the ends of the shell.

Glue Gun

How to Make Fairy Garden Snails

  1. Wash your Sea Shells in warm, soapy water

    Be sure to dry them completely

  2. Paint each shell using your paint

    We found one coat of paint was enough

  3. Using the Glue Gun, glue a shell on top of each stick

    Ensuring the stick pokes out the front, so your Fairy Garden Snail has a body. Allow glue to dry

  4. Glue small white beads on the end of each stick for eyes

    Paint a small black dot in the middle of the beads, so your snail can see.

Fairy Garden Snails
Fairy Garden Snails

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