The Great Australian Fairy Bake Off - Opening Fairy Doors
Great Australian Fairy Bake Off

The Great Australian Fairy Bake Off

With the new season of the Great Australian Bake Off underway, we thought we’d let you in on all the fun our fairies are having with their own The Great Australian Fairy Bake Off!

The Magic of a Fairy Door

The magic of a fairy door is in the imagination and sense of wonder it brings. When a child sees a fairy door on their wall, an amazing world of make believe opens up to them. A world of unlimited possibility, a world of happiness and a world where they can share in the joy of who lives behind the door.

A parent (Grandmother, Aunty, Sister …. someone) is the “secret” behind this wonder. When you can “secretly” interact and engage with your child through their fairy door. Just by an occasional note left on the doorstep, or a tiny treat as a reward or by adding a couple of little accessories to decorate their fairy door.

Create Fairy Door Themes

Creating different themes outside your child’s fairy door is an amazing way to inspire their creativity and inbuilt sense of story telling. It’s the little details that add life and personality to a fairy door.

Just by making small changes every so often to a fairy door, keeps the magic alive.

In The Great Australian Fairy Bake Off theme, we share how a fairy door can be used to create any adventure.

However, to be fair, we have used a large amount of little accessories to create this theme and it did take us quite a while to do. But even if only a few were used, you can still create a fun theme that your child will LOVE!

Most of the accessories we have used in the Great Australian Fairy Bake Off theme we borrowed from our Dollshouse. But you can also obtain these type of decorative touches and accessories from a local dollshouse shop or toy store.

Great Australian Fairy Bake Off
The Great Australian Fairy Bake off

The Yellow Opening Fairy Door is part of our Fairy Door range and Tinkerbell is from our fairies range. Both available for sale online.

Other items we have used in our photo which are available from our Fairy Food range are:

Little Fairy Cakes

Pink Birthday Cake

Chocolate Cake



Tim Tams




In creating the Great Australian Fairy Bake Off theme, we are hoping it will spark some ideas of your own. Often observing every day activities in your home are easy ideas to decorate your fairy door. Activities such as dinner time or afternoon tea, a birthday celebration or simply playing in the garden.

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