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there's a fairy under my bed

There’s a fairy under my bed! Read how one mum helped her child overcome a fear of monsters under the bed, with a fairy door.

The beauty of a fairy door is not just in the decoration but in the sense of comfort it brings.

A customer of ours told us how her daughter was afraid there were monsters under her bed. And each night before going to bed, it was a lengthly ordeal of checking under her bed to ensure there were no monsters before the lights were turned out.

But this mum had a wonderful idea

She purchased one of our Opening Fairy Doors and some fairy door accessories and secretly made a magical fairy door setting under her daughter’s bed.

She added a little fairy window, a mailbox to send and receive fairy letters and created a little fairy garden around the door with some mushrooms, fairy flowers and even a couple of resident fairies to live there.

Then to add an extra special touch of magic,

This mum purchased a string of fairy lights from her local hardware store and placed these throughout the fairy setting.

This mum said, when she turned the fairy lights on, it was a scene of absolute magic. The lights glowed out from under the bed and she wished she could shrink herself to live there herself.

monsters under the bed

That night at bed time, when her daughter asked her to do her usual check under the bed, her mum turned the fairy lights on. When her daughter looked to see what was there, her squeals of delight were heard throughout the house.

Her mum explained that a magical little fairy had moved under her bed. From that night, her daughter had no problem going to bed … the monsters were gone !!!

Every night at bedtime there is now a new routine, to turn the fairy lights on and say goodnight to the beautiful fairies who now live under her bed.

monsters under the bed

If you have a child who is afraid of the dark, or concerned there are monsters under their bed, a fairy door may be the answer to help overcome this fear.

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