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Fairy Camping with a fairy door tent

Fairy Camping under the stars is a favourite activity for many a fairy, especially now that the weather is warming up. Make your fairy her very own fairy tent to enjoy when she visits you.

We all know that fairies love the great outdoors. Create a fun fairy camping theme outside your fairy door for your fairy to enjoy.

Below you will find lots of ideas on how to create this theme plus we also have a FREE fairy door tent to download and print.

How to Create a Fairy Camping theme?

Fairy Door Tent

Using your computer, download our free Fairy Door Tent template and print it on a sheet of white A4 paper.

  1. Click here to download – Fairy Door Tent template

    fairy door tent

  2. Cut the fairy tent template around the white edges

    fairy Camping tent for fairy door

  3. Fold the fairy tent in half

    fairy Camping tent for fairy door

  4. Then insert a thin stick at the front of the tent (through the black dot). This helps keep the fairy tent steady.

    fairy Camping tent for fairy door

  5. Create a little fairy camping theme

    Decorate your Fairy Camping area by using little accessories.fairy Camping tent for fairy door

Ideas for accessories are:

Grass Mat: We have a great Fairy Door Grass Mat available that is 30cm x 30cm square. Perfect for creating a grassy area or a garden outside your fairy door or in your fairy garden.

Fairy Grass Mat

Other accessories perfect for a Fairy Camping area are: Fairy Gum Boots, Fairy Flowers, Bucket, Tools and a Pond. Include a couple of small critters like a Rabbit or a Guinea Pig.

Fairy Camping with a fairy door tent

Did you know that 2 Weet-Bix make a terrific Hay bail?

Watch our video clip below for how to create a Fairy Camping theme…

Plus there are lots of items around the house you can use such as rocks, leaves, twigs and dirt.

Another great idea for decorating your camping theme is to use some small rocks and twigs to create a fairy sized camp fire. You can also insert an LED battery tea-light candle for the flame:

fairy camping

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