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If you have a child who struggles to sleep through the night in their own bed, a Sleep Fairy Reward Chart can help. 

Children are so receptive to encouragement and a bit of positive reinforcement can work wonders in helping a child through difficult stages.

A stage a lot of children go through is not sleeping in their own bed.  And the good news is that a Fairy Door can actually help with this.

How? With a Sleep Fairy Reward Chart.

What is a Sleep Fairy Reward Chart?

It is a pretty chart that you hang on your child’s wall which displays a gold star for every night they sleep in their own bed.

How Does a Sleep Fairy Reward Chart work?

Every night that your child sleeps in their own bed, the fairies ‘secretly’ leave a gold star outside their fairy door.

Your child sticks this gold star on their chart. When all the spaces have a star, the fairies then leave a little treat as a reward.

We have a FREE Printable Chart below – a Pirate Chart and a Fairy Chart.

Sleep Fairy Reward Chart

  1. Click the “Download” link above

  2. Print Chart on A4 white paper

  3. Attach one of them next to your child’s Fairy Door

  4. Explain to your child that every time they sleep in their own bed, the fairies will leave a gold star the next morning

  5. Then, when your child does sleep in their own bed, make sure you leave a gold star sticker outside their fairy door the next morning

  6. When your child wakes to find it, they stick the star onto their chart

  7. This continues each time your child sleeps in their own bed until their chart is full of stars

  8. Then when their chart is full, the fairies leave a special surprise treat as a reward outside their fairy door.

A reward treat doesn’t need to be expensive, just something small – anything your child would appreciate, such as a small chocolate, a little gift, a promise of a special outing etc

Remember… the success of a Reward Chart is in NOT FORGETTING to leave a “Gold Star” each morning after your child sleeps in their bed.

And, you can reprint the chart again and again as required.

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