How to Encourage with a Fairy Door - Opening Fairy Doors
How to Encourage with a Fairy Door

A Fairy Door is a perfect toy to use to encourage your child and below we show you how to encourage with a fairy door.

All of us appreciate being encouraged and made to feel special and leaving a little note, encouraging card or even a small flower outside your child’s fairy door is a powerful way to boost their self esteem and sense of value.

The look in your child’s eyes when they wake to find a little treat “from the fairies” is priceless. And these small treats need not be time consuming, expensive or difficult. And it’s made even easier when you have a selection of small “treats” available somewhere, that you can quickly use.

The Rainbow Fairy Letter that we have used in our above Video are available in our store as a set of 10 notes with matching rainbow envelopes.

How to encourage with a fairy door? Here are some quick, easy and inexpensive ideas for little treats to leave outside your child’s fairy door.

  1. Write a quick note on a piece of paper
  2. Small flower
  3. Pretty pebble
  4. Nice shell
  5. A small chocolate
  6. Cute Button
  7. Ribbon
  8. Coloured Pencil
  9. Seedling in a punnet
  10. Gumnut

For lots more ideas on how to use a fairy door, pop over to our Fairy Blog.

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