Journey through Opening Fairy Doors - Opening Fairy Doors
Journey through opening Fairy Doors

Journey through Opening Fairy Doors

Mum & I have the best business partnership in the world and we want to take you on a journey though Opening Fairy Doors.

From then to now…

We started our first family business in 1998 building dollshouses, miniature themed room boxes and dollhouse furniture, all on mums kitchen table.

Journey through Opening Fairy Doors
Our first Little Lollie Shop
journey through opening fairy doors
Our first Cake Shop
journey through opening fairy doors
Our first Book Shop (with 200 handmade miniature books)
Journey through Opening Fairy Doors
Our first Christmas Themed Room Box

Journey through Opening Fairy Doors
A birthday gift I made for mum’s 70th Birthday.
She loves clocks and this is a little Clock Shop I made from an old wooden clock
(and each of the tiny clocks inside, actually work)

Journey through Opening Fairy Doors
A Library themed Room Box
(includes 500 miniature handmade books)

And then in 2010, we had an idea to reach more children by making a range of fairy products that were unique and beautiful; products that no one else had…. and “Opening Fairy Doors” was born.

purple opening fairy door

We designed beautiful little handcrafted doors that opened to a magical, make-believe world that inspired a child’s little creative mind. And as the months went by, the ideas kept coming.

Fairy Door Porch decorated with a fairy door and accessories by Opening Fairy Doors

Even to this day, we still love dreaming up new ideas that no one else has thought of, products that all contribute to creating precious childhood memories.

We often lie awake at night trying to think of ideas where people would say “Wow, that’s a great idea, I haven’t seen that before!”.

And over these 20 years, mum & I are so proud to say that…

We were the creators of the first Opening Fairy Door:

Easy Fairy Door Ideas

We were the originators of the first Removable Background Picture:

opening fairy doors
fairy window by Opening Fairy Doors

We were the first to design and create a Light Up Opening Fairy Door;

Pink Light Up Opening Fairy Door

And now we have designed the first Light Up Fairy Window

White Light Up Fairy Window

Our Opening Fairy Doors brand has never been about quick, cheap, imported products that are here today and discarded tomorrow. But our little Aussie, family company is about tiny treasures that are not only beautiful but will last the distance and be treasured for years to come to become part of precious childhood memories.

Mum & I are so proud that we have lasted the distance from our kitchen table to where we are now!

Journey through opening Fairy Doors

We are proud that we are the faces behind our brand! The ones who personally do everything. We do not outsource any part of our business.

We measure, chisel, glue, paint, decorate and photograph. We personally process every order, package every parcel, post every shipment and respond to every email. We are the voice behind every phone call.

And mum and I love what we do

Because we have amazing little products that are making children happy. We love what we do because we have amazing customers who come back again and again.

Thank you for supporting our family business !

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