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How to Create a Birthday Theme for your Fairy Door

Fairies love to be included in birthday celebrations and we’ll show you how to create a birthday theme for your fairy door.

If you have a birthday coming up in your home, surprise your child by decorating their fairy door in a fairy happy birthday theme. This is such a fun way to include your child’s fairy friend in the birthday celebration and at the same time, create precious childhood memories.

How to Create a Birthday Theme for your Fairy Door:

1. Every birthday needs a ‘Happy Birthday Sign’.

DIY Fairy Birthday Garland Download Printable

Write or print on a sheet of white A4 paper some colourful letters that spell “Happy Birthday”. Cut each letter out and fold each over a length of string above above your fairy door. (See below for our Youtube clip to watch how we made our Happy Birthday Fairy Garland).

Or if you prefer, we have this Fairy Door Birthday Garland Template available in our store as an “Instant Download”:

DIY Fairy Birthday Garland Download Printable

2. Add a Bunch of little fairy balloons.

pastel fairy balloons

Next to your fairy door, place some fairy balloons. We have pastel ones, bright ones and even star shaped ones available

3. Next, add a little fairy table and chairs set for the fairy party food.

We have little fairy sized sandwiches, little fairy cakes, fairy drink and even tiny donuts to tempt even the fussiest fairy appetite.

4. Then, leave a special birthday greeting from their fairy to make this day even more precious.

fairy birthday cards

We have fairy-sized Birthday Cards and Elf Cards available which have blank insides, to write your own special words. We have Pink Cards and Blue Cards available.

4. No birthday celebration is complete without a Birthday Cake

pink birthday cake

And we have fairy-sized birthday cakes, so your fairy friends do not miss out on a piece ! We have a Pink Birthday Cake and a Chocolate Birthday Cake available.

5. Put the finishing touch on your Birthday Fairy setting with some fairy-sized streamers!

birthday fairy

These are easy to create by using a “Party Popper” available from supermarkets. Simply pop one and decorate your fairy door with the streamers that fly out! Perfect!

6. Last but not least…Add some teeny weeny Fairy Party Hats.

Fairy Party Hats

You can easily make these using Cupcake Patty Papers and we show you how in our Fairy Party Hat post here.

A fairy door is truly a precious item for your child as it can be used in so many ways to encourage self esteem, celebrate occasions, and inspire creativity and create precious childhood memories.

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Watch our Youtube clip for how we made our Happy Birthday Garland…. 

How to Create a Birthday Theme for your Fairy Door

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