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How to Make a Fairy Door Display Box

If you prefer not to attach your Fairy Door to a wall, creating a beautiful Fairy Door Display Box is perfect! And below we’ll show you how….

We also have a YouTube Channel to watch how to make a Fairy Door Display Box: https://youtu.be/Lsy-ow_jZec

To create this Fairy Door Display Box, we have used: 

1 x Display Box (see below)
1 x Opening Fairy Door Starter Set
1 x Fairy Table & Chairs
2 x Fairies
2 x Little Pink Fairies
2 x Little Pink Mushrooms
2 x Mushrooms
2 x Pink Butterflies
3 x Flower Pots
1 x LED Street Light
1 x Pink Fairy Shoes
1 x Fairy Sandwiches
1 x Fairy Donuts
1 x Teapot & Cup Set

How to Make a Fairy Door Display Box

What to Do…

  1. Find a Display / Shadow Box. We used a wooden Shadow Box purchased from “Mocka” – https://www.mocka.com.au/shadow-boxes.html. Kmart, Home Decor and Craft Stores also have them on occasion.
How to Make a Fairy Door Display Box

However, any type of box will do. Above we have used an empty drawer to create a Fairy Door Display Box. Take the handle off the front and repaint it.

How to Make a Fairy Door Display Box

2. Attach the fairy door, mailbox, window and fence to the back of the box with small pieces of blu-tac. We placed our fairy door in the middle with fence pieces each side. And then for a balanced look, we also attached the mailbox and window each side.

How to Make a Fairy Door Display Box

3. Then decorate around the front with the other accessories, wherever you’d like them. In our Fairy Door Display Box, we created a little garden scene with a table so our fairies can enjoy afternoon tea.

How to Make a Fairy Door Display Box

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