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How to make your fairy feel welcome

How to Make Your Fairy Feel Welcome?

Fairies are shy little creatures, who are easily scared away, so it’s important to know how to make your fairy feel welcome?

Fairies actually look like people only they are much smaller, in fact they are only a few centimetres tall. They are very pretty and delicate, with shimmery wings and when they fly, they leave a trail of sparkly fairy dust wherever they go. (that’s often how you know when a fairy has been near)

It is said that fairies have been around for thousands of years and come from a place that cannot be seen by humans. Even though they are very shy, they love to visit people and the exciting thing is when they feel safe and comfortable, they will create a home with you.

Fairies especially love children and like to live as near to you as they can, so they can keep watch over you through the night. That’s why fairies love to set up their fairy doors in your bedroom and fairy gardens in your garden.

So the question is how to make your fairy feel welcome?

A fairy feels welcome when….

1. You create a comfortable home for them

Making your fairy feel comfortable and welcome is a sure way for her to stay.

Fairy Door Porch decorated with a fairy door and accessories by Opening Fairy Doors

An easy way to to do this is by decorating her fairy door with little homely touches like a table with a fairy sized tea set and some tiny food to enjoy afternoon tea on. Or some a cute picket fence, a window or a shelf to display her trinkets.

2. Write her Letters

A fairy’s favourite surprise is to receive a letter from you, which is why a Fairy Mailbox is her favourite item next to her fairy door. 

We have a fun post on How to Write Fairy letters and we also have available our amazing Fairy Mail Kit which contains a huge assortment of fairy letters, notes and cards.

how to write fairy letters
purple fairy mailbox

3. Tidy your Room!

Fairies feel welcome when they visit a tidy bedroom, They do not like mess, so always keep your room tidy and clean so your little fairy enjoy living there.

how to make a fairy feel welcome

4. Be Kind

Fairies like to feel safe when they visit, so being kind and friendly to others and gentle with all of your things, will help your her feel safe and welcome.

how make a fairy feel welcome

So how to make a fairy feel welcome ? By creating a comfortable home for her, be sure to send her letters, keep your room tidy and be kind.

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