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How to Colour Coordinate your fairy door

How to Colour Coordinate your Fairy Door

Fairy’s actually have different personalities, see how to colour coordinate your fairy door to match your fairy’s personality

Every fairy has a different personality which is reflected in their magical abilities. And just like us, they love to decorate their fairy door in colours and decorations that they love.  

For example…

If you have a Pink fairy door, your fairy will love anything pretty and delicate, such as little trinkets, satin ribbons & bows and anything that sparkles. To make her feel at home, decorate her fairy door with anything pink and pretty. Like placing some pink sparkle mushrooms each side of her fairy door, a pot of pink flowers on her doorstep and some pink butterflies on the wall….

pink translucent butterflies

If your fairy door is Yellow, your fairy loves sunshine and being outside amongst nature. She loves lying in the soft grass in the sunshine surrounded by flowers. So by decorating her fairy door with lots of green grass and flowers, even a lady bug or 2, she will feel right at home.  

yellow opening fairy door

If a Purple fairy door has arrived at your home, your fairy will love music, dancing and singing ! She is the fairy who inspires happy songs in children’s hearts! So colour coordinate your purple fairy door with lots of fairy friends, purple butterflies, purple sparkle mushrooms, even decorate the wall behind her fairy door with a purple wall scene.

purple opening fairy door and accessories

If your fairy door is Blue, your fairy loves reading, drawing and anything creative. So add a blue mailbox to send and receive what she draws, a book, a comfy chair or garden bench for her to relax on, and even a blue fairy friend or gnome

blue opening fairy door starter set

And if your fairy door is a Rainbow one, your fairy loves colour! The brighter the better. She loves it when she finds colourful flowers , and rainbows, bright red lady bugs, and colourful mushrooms.

how to colour coordinate your fairy door

To help you colour coordinate your fairy door, we have created some colourful 3D Butterflies to download and make.

how colour coordinate your fairy door

Download our FREE 3D Butterflies

  • Print in colour on an A4 sheet
  • Carefully cut out
  • Glue 1 small butterfly on top of 1 large butterfly by placing a small strip of glue only underneath the middle body part.
  • Bend the wings up
  • Blu-Tac to your wall near your fairy door
how to colour coordinate your fairy door

We also have lots of other fun fairy ideas and things to make for your fairy door:

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