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fun fairy facts

We have some fun fairy facts for you this week, did you know that…

  • What do Fairies look like?

Fairies look like tiny humans with legs and arms just like us but they also have 2 beautiful wings on their back that sparkle as they fly. Fairies are truly beautiful in appearance, they have usually with long hair and they are extremely delicate. They measure only a few inches tall and are extremely delicate.

fun fairy facts
  • What are Fairies really Like?

    Even though fairies are shy creatures, they are always kind, thoughtful and friendly. They love to encourage and are very generous, which is why they enjoy leaving little notes and treats outside your fairy door. Each fairy is slightly different too and each have different personalities. Some fairies are talkative, some are quiet; some fairies love to play in gardens, some love to sit quietly and read. Often a fairy’s colour reflects their personality.

  • Do fairies feel emotions?
    Fairies experience their human’s emotions as if they were feeling this themselves. For example if you are happy then your fairy will feel happy, if you are sad they will feel sad too. Most of the time your fairy will also like and dislike the very same things as you do! Every fairy very carefully chooses their new home and the make sure they are perfectly suited to their new friend.
sleep fairy
  • How often Should I write to my fairy?
    Some fairies prefer to write just once a week to their humans, while others like to write anything up to 3 times a week.  If you haven’t already asked your fairy what they would prefer, maybe you should? Some fairies are quicker at writing than others so the fairies who take longer to write notes can get very tired if they are writing back all of the time. We don’t want your fairy to be suffering from exhaustion now do we, after all they do have very tiny hands! If your notes are full of news once a week, wouldn’t that be very interesting for your fairy and vice versa!!
how to write fairy letters
  • Can fairies really hear wishes?
    Fairies do have a talent for hearing wishes. We are told it is like hearing whispers in the wind to them. They know exactly what you are wishing for.
fun fairy facts
  • What are fairy wings made of?
    Fairies’ wings are made of a special material called Gossamer. Gossamer is kind of like a beautiful butterfly’s wings or the delicate web that a little spider spins. A fairy’s wings are super strong but ultra-fine and have a beautiful shimmery appearance. A fairy’s gossamer wings look transparent on first glance but you can actually see all the colours of the rainbow in them, especially when they reflect light. Each fairy’s wings will have one slightly brighter colour to match their personality.A fairy’s wings will also sprinkle small amounts of fairy dust when they move, which is one way to know that a fairy has visited you.
fun fairy facts
  • What Do Fairy’s Like to Eat?
    Fairies love anything from nature. They love to eat raisins and sultanas, milk and honey and fruit of all kinds – especially berries.

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