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how to introduce a fairy door

How to Introduce a Fairy Door

How to Introduce a Fairy Door

One of the most beautiful gifts you can give a child is a ‘fairy door’. Why? Because you are not just giving a pretty decorative item for their bedroom but you are also giving one of the most magical and effective ways you can engage with them. 

There aren’t many items available these days that a parent can get involved in with their child. In days gone by activities such as reading together, cooking together, sewing together and even just chatting were common place but not any more. With the massive rise of digital technology, even tiny children are seen flipping through iPhones, mesmerised by what is moving on the screen and completely unaware of what and who are around them.

I was brought up in a home where dinner time was where the whole family ate together around the dining table and chatted about their day – not even the TV was on. And I loved it. But now, times have changed where it is common for families to eat different meals, in different rooms and not even see each other. I find that so sad.

So a big reason why mum & I love what we do is because we are making a product that we know has a positive impact on families.

And over the decade that we have been making our fairy doors, we have noticed there are 2 common questions most people ask….

  1. “Which Fairy Door Should I Choose?” and
  2. “How do I give it to my child”?

So this week we thought we’d share our answer to the second question….How to Introduce a Fairy Door?

  • Secretly set it up for your child to find
how to introduce a fairy door

The most popular way people introduce a fairy door to their child is to set it up in secret, usually after their child has gone to sleep. Then the next morning, when they wake up, they are surprised to find that ‘the fairies’ have moved in. Our most popular product that is purchased is a “Starter Set” (which includes a matching Fairy Door, Mailbox, Window and Fence). Most people like these sets because everything is colour coordinated, includes a Mailbox plus creates a beautiful fairy setting on the wall. 

Then all that’s needed is for “the fairies” to start sending and receiving secret fairy letters

  • Post it to your child, “from the fairies”
how to introduce a fairy door

Another popular way people like to introduce a fairy door is to have the fairy door addressed to their child. Often people also ask us to include a special note “from the fairies” in with their order which explains this is a special gift just for them. This way a child receives their own package in the mail and when they open it to find it is a fairy door made for them especially “from the fairies”, the excitement is huge! 

  • Gradually set it up piece by piece.
Fairy Door Porch decorated with a fairy door and accessories by Opening Fairy Doors how to introduce a fairy door how to introduce a fairy door

Often people order a few different accessories with a fairy door so they can set up the fairy door first, then over time, secretly introduce each little fairy accessory – as if magically the fairies are building their home themselves.

The most popular accessories people purchase with their fairy door are:

Mailbox, Rainbow Fairy Letters, Steps, Fairy Table Set, Fairy Tea Set and Fairy Food


For other ideas how to introduce a fairy door, you might like:

A Fairy Door is also an amazing item to help your child overcome some common childhood issues: 

2 Responses to “How to Introduce a Fairy Door”

    • julieconibear

      Hi Becky,
      A great way to use a fairy door to help potty train is by “the fairies” rewarding when a child successfully goes potty. Firstly, the fairies can leave a note outside a child’s fairy door that encourages them about how big they are getting and now its time to use the “big toilet”, then explain in a fun and simple way that each time the child goes to the big toilet, the fairies will see and may leave a surprise when they visit at night time.

      Then, at the end of the day, if the child has tried to go to the big toilet well, “the fairies” leave a special treat outside their fairy door.

      No, I am sorry, we do not ship outside of Australia and New Zealand.

      Opening Fairy Doors


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