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how to choose a fairy name

How to Choose a Fairy Name

How to Choose a Fairy Name.

It is a wonderful day when you welcome a fairy into your home. And then comes the fun task of choosing a name for her. Sometimes, a name can pop into your head but at other times it can take a while to think of the perfect one.

Memories of Someone Special

One idea how to choose a fairy name is to think of the beautiful people who have been in your life that inspire special memories. For example, is there a Grandma you remember with such fondness that your little fairy could be named after? Do you have a Great Aunt or a family friend whose name means something special to you?

Baby Inspiration

Baby names aren’t just for humans. These can be a great source of inspiration for how to choose a fairy name. Have a look online at some of the lists of baby names and you could find a name you love that you never thought of before. A name that perfectly suits your new fairy. 

Combo Creativity

If you don’t like the idea of choosing a fairy name that is familiar, you could think outside the box and be a bit creative. Choose a completely unique name by combining some together.

For example:

  • your birthday month and birthstone: “April Pearl”; “Diamond June” 
  • your favourite place and flower: “Ocean Rose”
  • or just random combinations like: “November Rain”, “Sunshine Sparkle”, Razza Mattaz

Get to Know Your Fairy

Another idea how to choose a fairy name is to get to know her a little first. As you start to receive fairy letters and read some things she likes, you can begin to see what she is like and it might make it easier to choose a name that suits her. 

  • You might discover that she is shy and reserved and her favourite colour is pink. A great name for her might be “Puff” or “Petal”
  • Or she might be cheeky and outgoing and her favourite thing to do is run around in her garden. A great name for her might be “Bobtails” or “Munchkin”
  • Your fairy might have pretty lavender coloured wings, so you could call her “Violet” or “Indigo”

As you get to know your new fairy, you will begin to identify a name that suits her perfectly.

So, how to choose a fairy name?

We have put together our beautiful list of 200 Best Fairy Names that we hope might inspire the perfect name for your fairy….

How to Choose a Fairy name

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