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Easy Fairy Door Ideas

Creating some magical adventures with a fairy door doesn’t have to be hard, in fact keeping it simple, is the best way with our Easy Fairy Door Ideas

We don’t need to spend ages creating elaborate fairy settings for our children. Most of the time it’s the every day, simple things that mean the most to a child. 

Keep it simple

It’s time spent together, a hug, a word of encouragement, a little note… these are the things that are treasured, not just by children but by all of us.

And if we use this same “keep it simple” approach when it comes to a fairy door, the effectiveness and wonder of a ‘fairy visit’ is easily created. 

Use Every day Items

One of the easiest ways to gain ideas is by thinking about what happens daily in your home, then recreate some of these with their fairy door.

For example:

If a letter arrives in your letterbox at home, leave a fairy letter for your child

how to write fairy letters

If your child did well at school today, leave a tiny “Well Done” Certificate outside their fairy door

Easy Fairy Door Ideas

If your home received a delivery of milk or a newspaper today, leave a little bottle of milk or newspaper outside their fairy door

Easy Fairy Door Ideas

If it’s the first day of spring today, leave some flowers outside their fairy door

fairy flower pot

If it’s the first day of autumn today, leave some autumn leaves outside their fairy door

Easy Fairy Door Ideas

If the lawn was mowed today, leave a little pile of grass clippings and some gum boots outside their fairy door

Easy Fairy Door Ideas

If your child slept all night in their own bed, leave a pretty gold star sticker in their fairy mail box for them to find in the morning

white fairy mailbox

if you have baked some biscuits or a cake for your family today, with a tiny portion of the mixture make a mini fairy-sized biscuit or cake and leave it outside their fairy door

cake on a plate

If you are planning a family holiday, leave a little fairy suitcase outside their fairy door too

fairy suitcase
Every day life can provide some great inspiration for tiny fairy treats   

IDEA… keep a collection of little fairy treats ‘hidden’ ready for when they are needed.

For example:

  • If you go for a walk and find a pretty leaf, pick it up and add it to your collection
  • If you see a gum nut, a flower or a nice pebble, take it home.
  • If you go to the beach, collect some shells to add to your fairy treat collection.
  • In the pantry, keep some 100’s & 1000’s to make tiny fairy bread to leave as a ‘treat from the fairies’
  • keep some packets of Rainbow Fairy letters and Fairy Cards, so you’ve always got these to leave an encouraging note
  • If a birthday is coming up, order a fairy birthday cake and some balloons to decorate their fairy door on the day (plus read through our Fairy Birthday blog for other great ideas)


Keep your ‘secret fairy collection’ in a Fairy Box

Instead of throwing your collection of ‘fairy treats’ in the bottom of a drawer, where they can lost and broken; keep them organised, safe and somewhere you can find them easily.

For example, a shoe box, a tupperwear container, a fishing tackle box or lunch box. 

OR can we recommend … using one of our “Fairy Storage Chests“. Our beautiful wooden storage box with glass opening lid, can keep your tiny treasures safe, organised, visible and easily accessible.

Fairy Storage Box by Opening Fairy Doors

For lots more easy fairy door ideas, please see How to Use a Fairy Door here

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