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Did you know there are lots of ideas for fairy food from little snacks and food items in your kitchen? Treats that are the perfect size for easy and inexpensive real edible fairy food.

We have been on the look out in our kitchen for ideas for fairy food from tiny treats and snacks.

And we have found some great easy and inexpensive ideas that you can leave outside your fairy door as a fairy treat, or create a magical Fairy Afternoon Tea or Fairy Picnic with real, edible fairy food.Ideas for Fairy Food

Fruit Loops: make perfect fairy donuts, especially when included in our Fairy Donut Box

Ideas for Fairy Food


Ideas for Fairy Food


Ideas for Fairy Food

Jelly Tots: are perfect as a tiny Jelly dessert on a plate

Ideas for Fairy Food


Ideas for Fairy Food

Hundreds & Thousands on a crouton makes a tiny fairy sized fairy bread! (a very crunchy one!)

Ideas for Fairy Food

Cake Decorations like mini marshmallows, icing stars, icing flowers

Ideas for Fairy Food

A Blueberry

Ideas for Fairy Food

Chocolate Buttons

Ideas for Fairy Food

Make Marshmallow Fairy Tea Cups – a marshmallow on a biscuit, a freckle on top and a musk lifesaver lollie for the handle

And …. we have our range of Fairy Food available to surprise your child, including … Fairy donuts, Sandwiches, Tea, Little Fairy Cakes, and for an Aussie Fairy, we have fairy-sized Vegemite, Tim Tams, Milo and Cheezles.

Have a look in your kitchen for small items that would be great ideas for fairy food. What a wonderful surprise to create a Fairy Afternoon Tea or a Fairy Picnic for your child, with real edible fairy food! (remember to always be mindful of supervising young children with small items)

Leaving surprise little treats ‘from the fairies’ doesn’t ever need to be expensive, the best treats are usually found around the house and garden, or little notes left by you.

For other great ideas how to use your fairy door, you might like:

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