DIY Fairy Cake - How to Use a Fairy Door - Opening Fairy Doors
DIY Fairy Cake

Sometimes it’s the simple things that are the most magical and our DIY Fairy Cake is such a simple treat to make for your fairy friend.

Our DIY Fairy Cake can be a treat for a Birthday, Valentines Day or just as an “I Love you” gift.

Items you Need

DIY Fairy Cake
  • 1 Slice of bread
  • Chocolate Spread or Peanut Butter
  • Hundreds & Thousand sprinkles
  • 1 Heart shaped Cookie Cutter (or any shape cookie cutter, or simply draw a shape yourself)
  • Butter Knife 

What to Do

DIY Fairy Cake

Using the Heart Cookie Cutter, press a heart shape into the slice of bread

DIY Fairy Cake

Spread the heart with some chocolate spread or peanut butter

DIY Fairy Cake

Sprinkle with hundreds & thousands

Leave this yummy DIY Fairy Cake outside your fairy door as a special surprise!

This Fairy Cake could be made as part of a birthday fairy treat, and if you do, we also have a great fairy blog with some fun ideas to create a super special Fairy Birthday setting. Read it here

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