Mothers Day Breakfast in Bed Kit

Surprise your mum on Mothers Day with this beautiful Mothers Day Breakfast in Bed Kit.

Growing up, I remember making mum breakfast in bed on Mothers Day – some were better than others – but I loved making her something from my heart.

And “Crafting for 30 Days” has created this pretty Mothers Day Breakfast in Bed Kit to be a beautiful surprise to decorate mums “toast and tea” on the breakfast tray.

Simply print out the pieces, cut them out out and fold them.

mothers day breakfast in bed kit

This Kit includes:

  • A Table Card
  • A “Happy Mothers Day” Flag
  • Bunting
  • Decorative Paper to make a Placemat
  • A Menu for mum to select the special breakfast she’d like

To make your Mothers Day Breakfast in Bed Kit, click the picture below…

mothers day breakfast in bed kit

Print each page onto white paper or thin card

Breakfast Menu:  In the morning, make mum a cup of tea and give the Menu to her to choose her special.

Table Card: Cut out, Fold in half and place on mums breakfast try

Flags: Cut out, fold the flags in half and glue onto a toothpick. Stick into mum’s toast, waffles or pancakes or drink.

Bunting: Cut out, glue onto a length of string. Tie each end of the string onto a straw and insert the Bunting Garland into mum’s breakfast.

Placemat: Print on a full A4 sheet of paper and place on the bottom of the breakfast tray as a placemat

mothers day breakfast in bed kit

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Credit and a big thank you to “Crafting for 30 Days” for their creative idea and beautiful photo’s. 

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