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3 Magical Ways to Tell Your Child You Love Them

As parents, it’s easy to get caught up in our own busyness that we forget to say I love you, so we’d like to share 3 Magical Ways to Tell Your Child You Love Them.

Sometimes the constant rushing around in our day to day lives can be inadvertently interpreted by our children that they are in the way.

One of the biggest down sides to our busy lives, is that we tend to miss opportunities to tell those closest to us, how much they mean to us.

And below we’d like to share 3 magical ways to tell your child you love them. Each of these suggestions are quick, easy and meaningful and will make a huge impact in the heart of your children. 

If you have a Fairy Door, this is the perfect tool to use. However, if you don’t, you can still use these magical suggestions to share your love with your children.

how to write fairy letters

1.. The “fairies” can leave a “fairy note” … from you

A Fairy Door allows you the space to put into words how you feel about your child. It creates a perfect opportunity for ‘the fairies’ to share that;

  • “Your mummy shared a secret with me today – she loves you very much” or
  • “Thank you for helping Mummy today. You made her so happy”, or
  • “Mummy thought you were so brave today”.
pink teddy

You can simply write a note on a tiny piece of paper and secretly leave it outside their fairy door when they go to sleep. Or pop it into their fairy mailbox for them to find when they wake up in the morning.

rainbow fairy letters

Or, we have a beautiful pack of 10 Rainbow Fairy Letters with sparkly rhinestone envelope seals available.

If you don’t have a fairy door, simply leave your ‘fairy note’ under their pillow, on their dressing table, in their lunch box or wherever you know they will find it.

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2.. The “fairies” can encourage … from you

As parents, we should never be afraid to encourage our children. Never miss an opportunity.

A fairy door provides an easy opportunity for ‘the fairies’ to leave a little Certificate of encouragement from time to time. If you notice your child being kind, or helpful, generous or friendly, ‘the fairies’ can leave a small message of encouragement to let them know you noticed that.

Free printable fairy cards

Maybe your child did well at school this term or completed their homework without being asked, ‘the fairies’ can secretly leave a little note of encouragement outside their fairy door when they go to sleep.

FREE printable fairy cards

To make this easy, we have lots of free printable miniature sized fairy certificates that you can use. Simply print them and leave one outside their fairy door:

3 Magical Ways to Tell Your Child You Love Them

3.. The “fairies” can leave a little gift … from you

Every child loves gifts! And a fairy door provides the perfect opportunity to secretly leave something meaningful for your children.

It doesn’t even need to be something big, often the smallest things have the biggest impact. Something as simple as a pretty leaf or flower, a shell from the beach or a shiny pebble can mean a lot to a child; especially when it comes from someone they love – you!

3 Magical Ways to Tell Your Child You Love Them

Here are 10 easy and inexpensive ideas for tiny gifts that ‘the fairies’ can secretly leave outside a fairy door:

  1. Feather
  2. Note on a Leaf
  3. Lollypop
  4. Ribbon
  5. Pretty Button
  6. A Picture drawn by you
  7. Sultanas
  8. Sticker
  9. Fairy Bread
  10. A funny joke
3 Magical Ways to Tell Your Child You Love Them

We also have 100 Easy Treat Ideas from the Fairies as a printable wall chart for you to keep. This awesome list provides an abundance of inexpensive and quick ideas to use at a moments notice. Perfect when you suddenly have the idea for a gift but don’t want to purchase anything. Each of these tiny treats make a magical ‘fairy gift’ that will encourage your children.

We should never be too busy to tell our children how much they mean to us. Never miss an opportunity to let them know how much they are valued and loved. 

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