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How to decorate a fairy door for easter

How to Decorate your Fairy Door for Easter

A Fairy Door is perfect to celebrate special occasions throughout the year and below, we show you How to Decorate your Fairy Door for Easter.

To a child, fairies are real and bring friendship, happiness and comfort, even though they cannot see them.

And a fairy door is the place their tiny fairy friend visits through.

So, when a special event comes along, like Easter, adding some little Easter decorations shows a child that their fairy is celebrating with them.

So, How to Decorate your Fairy Door for Easter?

Firstly, hanging a colourful Easter Fairy Garland above your fairy door is a great idea.

We have available, a beautiful Easter Garland already printed and cut out ready for you to hang. Click here to access our Easter Fairy Kit.

Easter Fairy Door Kit

Secondly, if you have one of our Opening Fairy Doors, you can easily change the Background Picture to celebrate Easter. Changing the background picture from time to time is a magical way for ‘the fairies’ to celebrate special occasions with you throughout the year.

Whether it’s a birthday, holidays, Seasons, Christmas or Easter, we have a lots of different background picture sets available to keep the magic alive through your child’s fairy door. 

Our Opening Fairy Doors have a custom built back panel which makes it easy to slide a background picture in and out from the top. You can also use your own pictures and photo’s! 

Easter Fairy Door Kit

Thirdly, to add some enchantment to their fairy door on Easter Morning, create some tiny fairy footprints leading up to their fairy door. We have a special Fairy Footprints Stencil available to make this easy to do.

white easter bunny

Fourth: How about including some fairy-sized Easter Greeting Cards to leave a fairy-sized Easter message for your child to read. Secretly write in them the night before and leave in their fairy mailbox or on their fairy door step Easter morning. Each of these are handmade, are bright, colourful and have blank insides. 

easter cards

Fifth: Easter eggs are certainly the Easter favourite and a fairy door is the perfect place to leave a few fairy-sized ones. We have our FREE DIY Easter Basket to download and print. Fill it up and with colourful tiny, chocolate eggs to leave as a surprise outside your child’s fairy door this Easter. 

How to decorate a fairy door for easter

Create a beautiful Easter entry to your fairy door with one of our Grass Mats and some fences.

Print a little cobblestone path on your printer to put in the middle and then decorate with some flowers. This is a perfect place for a row of little Easter eggs that leads right to their fairy door. 

How to decorate a fairy door for easter FREE easter bunny footprints template

Even more ideas on how to decorate your fairy door for Easter?

Create some big Easter Bunny Footprints. These are large ones that you can use on the floor anywhere in your home. Use them to create Easter Bunny footprints through your front door at home, up the corridor and into your child’s bedroom.

So easy to make using our free template to download and print. Simply print the template, cut out the bunny footprint, position it on the floor and sprinkle with some flour or powder. Read our fairy blog for instructions  FREE Easter Bunny Footprints template here.

To discover even more ideas how to use a fairy door, our blog has heaps! 

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