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If you need ideas on how to use a fairy door, you have come to the right place. Below we share some quick, easy and inexpensive ideas!

Firstly, what is a Fairy Door?

A Fairy Door is a small, miniature sized replica of a real door that you attach to a wall, shelf or cupboard which creates a doorway of make-believe place that can only be accessed by fairies.

A beautiful world that is full of wonder and enchantment, where anything is possible and your child is the princess or hero.

A Fairy Door is exactly what the name suggests, a door that can only be accessed by a fairy. And by attaching a Fairy Door to a wall, you create this make-believe portal to this very special world, which is irresistible to a child.  

A Fairy Door is a little door of happiness designed to delight children with the thrill and wonder of imagining what lies behind it.

Fairy Encouragement Ribbons - free printable

A fairy door is designed to bring smiles, hope, laughter, encouragement and even comfort to children. 

It’s these aspects that are the most beautiful thing about a fairy door. These positive attributes impact a child way beyond the fact that a fairy door is a pretty decorative feature. 

They can be used to help children as they travel through life’s adventures and challenges. From losing a tooth to feeling lonely.

For example, a fairy door can be used to help a child:

How to use a fairy door?  

  1. Firstly, choose your fairy door. Usually people do this based on the colour and decor of their child’s room, or their child’s favourite colour. 
  2. Secondly, select coordinated accessories that match. We have “Starter Sets” that include the fairy door, matching mailbox, window and fence to make this easier
  3. Thirdly, choose the fairy accessories to decorate your fairy door setting. These create wonderful themes and ultimately bring it to life. Most people like to start with general fairy garden accessories like a mushroom, flowers and a fairy inhabitant. Then they continue to add items throughout the year such as for a birthday, Easter and Christmas. Or you can add accessories to create a Fairy Picnic, an Afternoon Tea Party, or a Mermaid theme. We even have ideas on how to include the ‘fairies’ in your vacation plans!
How to Make a Fairy Flower Umbrella

As well as the magic of make-believe, a fairy door is a very special item because….

Children love Secrets! 

A Fairy Door introduces a child to a secret fairy friend and then provides the most incredible opportunity to communicate with them through it. All children love secrets, whether that be imaginary friends, secret places to hide their little treasures or just by keeping ‘secrets’. Secrets are comforting and magical to a child. 

By adding a small fairy mailbox to the wall next to your fairy door, your children can write notes to their secret fairy friends, who in turn can write back. This can be such a valuable way to encourage your child to express themselves and in turn, “the fairies” can communicate back to encourage and show how much your child is loved and appreciated. 

how to write fairy letters

The ‘magic’ is however dependant upon you ‘the parent’ to be secretly involved in the fun by leaving the occasional fairy note for your child to find. To help with this, we have available lots of tiny fairy letters, notes, cards and treats such as Fairy Letters & EnvelopesFairy Cards and complete Fairy Mail Kits.

We also share lots of ideas about how to write fairy letters in our fairy blog.  

Children love to Collect Things

As a child I remember collecting shells every time my family went to the beach. I remember collecting pretty pebbles, stamps and even the cards and plastic toys that used to be free inside Weetbix packets!

How to use a fairy door

A Fairy Door with all the beautiful fairy door accessories has the same effect. By creating different themes occasionally outside a fairy door, a collection of tiny treasures can be accumulated which are precious items to a child and ones that can be played with over and over again in their stories and make-believe adventures. These also can become part of their treasured childhood memories as they grow.

Children need encouragement

A Fairy Door is also the perfect way to reward a child for a job well done and to encourage positive behaviour. 

As parents, we know how difficult it can be at times to persuade our children to complete their homework, tidy their room, clean up their toys, help around the house and even be kind to their siblings. But a Fairy Door can help this process by turning these activities into things that “fairies are watching and can reward”.

Pink Fairy Rose next to a Pink Fairy

By secretly leaving small gifts, treats and cards outside a fairy door ‘from the fairies’ anytime you notice your child doing something you’d like to encourage, you create a powerful tool to positively influence your child.

A Reward Chart for print from Opening Fairy Doors

For example, we have a Reward Chart, which we offer as a FREE downloadable sheet to print out and attach to the wall.

This Chart lists the activities you would like to encourage your child to complete each day over a week and then each day that your child completes an activity, a gold star is secretly left by the fairies that night.

The next morning, your child sticks that gold star next to the activity on the Reward Chart and at the end of the week, if all the spaces each day are filled, a “Reward” from the fairies is left. Read more details in our Reward Chart blog here.

100 Easy Treat Ideas from the Fairies list by Opening Fairy Doors

We also have another FREE printable list of 100 Easy Treat Ideas from the Fairies. which gives you 100 quick, easy and inexpensive ideas for ‘everyday’ items you can leave as little reward ‘treats from the fairies’.

There are many more wonderful ways for how to use a fairy door, we have only scratched the surface here.

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